Silver Mountain is closed on Tuesday due to hazardous weather

Four people were rescued from an avalanche on Silver Mountain. Copyright KXLY 4 News Now

KELOG, Idaho – The ski area on Silver Mountain will be closed on Tuesday, February 22nd.

According to a post on Facebook, dangerous weather conditions forced the closure.

Silver Mountain was expected to reopen on Wednesday morning.

Schweizer and Mount Spokane planned to continue work on Tuesday with limited quantities.

Schweizer said the Cedar Park Express and Colburn Triple would be closed Tuesday. In addition, the Great Escape Quad and Stella Six Pack were put to the wind. More information can be found here.

Mount Spokane said Northwood would not be working on Tuesday. More information can be found here.

On Tuesday morning in the inner northwest there were recommendations for cold from the wind, which means that the temperature of the cold from the wind was potentially dangerous.

Tuesday morning wind temperatures ranged from unambiguous to negative for teens.

FORECAST: There is a recommendation for the wind – Mark

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