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Snow plows are working to keep Spokane’s roads safe

City of Spokane

SPOKANE, WA. Spokane Public Works is working to keep your vehicle safe.

Today, Spokane Public Works is plowing emergency routes and major thoroughfares to clear roads for daily commutes. However, SPW is asking those who can afford to work from home to stay home.

For those on the road today, Spokane Public Works recommends carrying emergency gear, which includes a shovel, cat litter for traction and blankets to keep warm while waiting for a tow truck.

While the plows are making their way through the city and into the neighborhoods. SPW is asking people to remove any obstructions on personal property, including cars, trash cans and basketball hoops.

Spokane County plows have been working 24-hour shifts since Monday.

Spokane has the largest plowable county road system in the state.

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