Soldier Island soldiers collided alive with Russian ship: Ukraine


Soldiers of the Ukrainian “Snake Island” are alive and in captivity in Russia, according to the Ukrainian Navy. The soldiers told the Russian warship “go yourself”.

Ukrainian Navy on Facebook

Unfavorable defenders of the Ukrainian Snake Island – who told the Russian warship «go —- yourself“- alive after reports of their deaths, say in the Ukrainian Navy.

On Monday, February 28, Ukraine confirmed that 13 Snake Island soldiers “were taken prisoner by the Russian occupiers.” invasion of Ukraine on three fronts early on Thursday, February 24, “bombing cities, towns and villages.”

“We are very happy to know that our brothers are alive and well,” he said Ukrainian Navy wrote about his Marines and frontiersmen stationed on an island also known as the Island of Change.

It was initially believed that they were killed by Russian forces on February 24 by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said, CNN reports.

However, communication with the island was cut off because the captured Russians “completely destroyed the island’s infrastructure: lighthouses, carnations, antennas, etc.,” the Ukrainian navy said, and attempts to contact those on the island were “in vain.”

“Russian propaganda is trying to distort the” news “that the Ukrainian authorities” forgot “,” buried “their brethren,” – added in the Navy.

An audio recording of an exchange between a Russian warship and soldiers on Snake Island has hit headlines around the world.

“Snake Island, I am a Russian warship. I propose to lay down our arms and surrender. Otherwise you will get hit. Are you copying? ”Russian forces are heard, reports The Guardian and other publications.

“Well, that’s right,” – hear the Ukrainian soldier talking to his comrades. “Should I tell him to go alone?”

“Just in case,” says another soldier.

“Russian ship, go yourself,” the soldier tells the Russians in opposition.

Ukraine’s navy said in a statement that “sailors have twice boldly rebuked attacks by Russian invaders.”

“We look forward to our brothers and with all our souls.”

Snake Island is located in the Black Sea off the coasts of Ukraine and Romania.

February 28 races invasion of Ukraine continued when Ukrainian forces stopped Russian troops invading its major cities such as the capital Kyiv, according to the Associated Press.

Officials of both nations sat down with each other on the border with neighboring Belarus, the newspaper reports. Belarus demonstrated support for the Russian invasion, according to McClatchy News.

At least 352 citizens of Ukraine died in conflict as of Feb. 27, according to McClatchy News.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “has chosen a deliberate war that will bring catastrophic loss of life and human suffering,” President Joe Biden said on February 23.

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