Spokane Rotary Club, which offers scholarships to local high school students

SPOKAN, Washington. – Local high school students who are interested in art can apply for some scholarships.

Spokane Rotary Club 21 offers two different scholarships for 13 different Spokane high school students. Scholarships include the Katie Reeves Fellowship and the Young Performers Service Award.

The Katie Reeves Scholarship will give $ 1,000 to three lucky students. The scholarship supports high school graduates who receive postgraduate education in dance, music (voice or instrumental) or theater. The application deadline is April 29.

The Youth Services Emerging Artist Award will also be awarded cash to selected students. The award will be given to 11th graders who will show determination, passion and participation in various art subjects. Students may be nominated for the award by faculty or classmates, and may nominate themselves. The application deadline is April 7.

The Spokane Rotary Club says these scholarships are a fantastic way to promote the arts and offer postgraduate education to students in the area.

You can find more information about scholarships here.

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