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Former and current residents of New York University dormitories share what they would like to know about apartment buildings before moving.

Before choosing my hostel, I would like to know …

… about alumni kitchens

«By “kitchens” they mean an old stove and a countertop the size of a laptop. “

—Yas Akdag, music editor, lived in the Hall of Alumni 2021-22

… about Carlisle’s open rooms

“Living in an open room – a room where the bedroom is open to the kitchen and the common area – in a quadruple room completely destroyed my sleep schedule and mental health. Seriously, don’t live in a room where you sleep very easily or smell or make noise. “

-Caitlin Hsu, editor of UTA Publishing, lived in Carlisle Court 2019-20

… about temperature control in the university hall

“I would like to know that the temperature in UHall dormitories fluctuates greatly. Although I have a thermostat and I have a fairly high temperature, it tends to jump and fall during the day, leaving me cold and sweaty in others. ”

-Sani Sequeira, UTA staff editor, lived in the University Hall 2021-22

… that there is no air conditioning on Seventh Street

“The temperature situation can be tough. We do not have air conditioning, and we rely on old radiators, which are not the most reliable, so in early September and May is very hot, and in winter it can be very cold.

-Luck Giner, CAS Jr., lived on Seventh Street 2021-22

… about the noise in Lafayette

“The soundproofing is awful, but your radiators are even louder than your neighbor’s. The ventilation gap on the ceiling doesn’t help either. “

– Shing-Chen Tu, photo editor, lived in Lafayette Hall 2021-22

… about obsolete appliances at Carlisle Court

“There are large pieces of the building that have not been reconstructed since the 80s. Many rooms do not have overhead lighting, so you can bring your own lamp or live in the dark. Radiators will become biblical from time to time and flood your apartment. “

-Max Tiffer, head of copy, lived in Carlisle Court 2019-20

… about Lipton elevators

“There are two elevators for the second to eighth Lipton floors and two for the upper floors. One elevator to the upper floors did not work all the time. This may seem insignificant, but if you follow the COVID-19 guidelines for a maximum of two people and you are trying to get into classes, it can be very frustrating.

-Sidney Baragan, editor of UTA Publishing, lived in Lipton Hall 2020-21

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