Summary of Swimming Competitions for Washington State High School Boys 2A, 3A

Steilacoom Sentinels didn’t have enough to fight for first place on the podium at the State Class 2A Swimming and Diving Championships.

But the Sentinels, of course, had their moment – one that lasted two days. And the fact that three of the four Steilacoom divers honored the memory on Saturday morning before the finals of the swim in the water district of King County, climbing to first place on the podium and taking pictures on the spot № 1.

These four Steilacoom divers scored 52 points, putting the Sentinels at the top of the team race for nearly 48 hours, leading the future champion Anacortes and scoring 44 points in the competition. A staff shortage problem related to Covid-19 led to a change in the schedule of meetings, with the result that event № 5 – diving – was postponed to Thursday for all classifications.

“They scored 51 points in the constituencies themselves,” Steilacoom coach Katie Casey said. “By themselves, they have defeated several teams.”

The rescheduling meant Casey and her diving crew – Conor McFaul, Carla Zavala, Aaron Burlingheim and Nate Inglund – had been meeting since the end of Thursday morning until the Ancortes finished fifth in the 200-yard relay to start the swim. final around 8:40 a.m. Saturday, scoring 28 points to take the lead forever.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said McFaul, one of the three juniors in the group. “It’s great.”

Diving competitions were included in the team championship race. The points scored by Ancortes secured the Seahawks with an advantage in a tough title fight with Pullman, who finished second, 280-271.

Ancortes was the only team to score points in each of the 12 competitions. Individually Isaac Birz of North Kitsap won 100 for free in 45.98 seconds and added 100 for 49.88 to deserve a swimmer meeting.

Beer broke the record of the 100 freestyle meeting with a previous time of 45.81 on Friday. He was the only individual double winner in 2A.

Although Steilacoom scored a few points in the swimming competition, scoring 153 points and finishing fifth overall, none of those 11 competitions came close to what the Sentinels did in the diving.

“It was nice to see, especially the Steilacoom guys,” said Burlingheim, senior. “I’ve taught everyone here to dive, so it’s nice to see them take off like they do.”

Three of the four improved their position from qualifying to the competition. McFaul qualified fourth and finished third; Inglund moved from 13th on the ninth, there is simply a lack of a pedestal; Constipation dropped to one position, from fifth to sixth; and Burlingame jumped from 10th to the fifth.

“I’ve had some pretty big steps in history,” Burlingheim said. “In my sophomore year, I got 18th and I think I moved until the eighth. I just do well with government meetings. I am very pleased with how things turned out this year. At the beginning of the year, I said I wanted to be in the top 5, and I literally got the top 5. ”

The depth of the event will continue to help Steilacoom thrive.

“They push each other for more,” Casey said. “Even yesterday (during practice on Wednesday) they were looking for new things.”

And success in diving in 2022 is already waiting for next season for Casey and her team.

“My senior swimmers are very excited,” Casey said. “And it just came to them over the last few weeks. One of them (current junior Max Lamb) actually said, “Next year we’ll be good.”

Ponecanti gives the stadium the 3A title

Nick Ponecanti scored 337.40 to win the diving competition at the stadium, while pair Auburn Levi Erickson and Isaac Osmack finished sixth and seventh on Thursday to temporarily put the Trojans in second place after Ballard in the team race.

Senior Jig Harbor Drew Houston bypassed Evan Liu of Mercer Island and won 200 IM in the all-American time trial of 1: 50.65, making Tides the only local individual winner in swimming.

Island Mercer bypassed all of them, winning a record-breaking victory in the first swim final on Saturday afternoon, in the 200 relay (1: 32.42), and never took his foot off the pedal to win his ninth team title since 2004 and second in a row, 367 , 5-258 above second place in Lakeside.

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