Summing up: Remembrance Day was not the only day of remembrance last weekend

The district hosted many tributes to memory and events on Remembrance Day weekend to pay tribute to U.S. veterans who died in the line of duty. Yesterday, after a two-year break on the Constitution Avenue after a two-year break, the Parade returned on Remembrance Day, where they spoke Eli Young Band, Jimmy Kimmel,Jimmy Allen, and the United States Army Orchestra, own Pershing.

Parade great marshallieutenant colonel James H. Harvey III, is one of the last surviving pilots of Taskiga, a group of African-American pilots from the 332nd Fighter Group. Harvey and three of his fellow pilots were also selected to participate in the first Air Force competition “Top Gun” in 1949. They won the propeller competition and scored the most points, but did not score for more than four decades, according to the Air Force. The competition became fatal when one plane crashed and both pilots were killed The message reports.

Remembrance Day was not the only day of remembrance celebrated last weekend. The Maryland Council of Elders held the African Liberation Day in Baltimore on Sunday to commemorate the founding Organization of African Unity May 25, 1963 and the global pan-African movement for unity and freedom.

This holiday has a special place in the history of DC: half a century ago the first ALD brought thousands of people to Malcolm X Park. They walked down 16th Street NW and U Street NW and started moving, historian George Derek Musgrove writes in The message. Similar demonstrations took place in the United States, Canada and the West Indies, but the rally in the county was “the largest and most effective,” writes Musgrove. The rallies were a testing ground for a powerful group of anti-colonial activists in DC who mobilized in the 1980s against the US invasion of Grenada and against the Reagan administration’s policies toward South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Mozambique.

“We all get together, and then people start talking, telling their stories and finding that they’re not alone,” he says. Abena Dyzro, the main organizer of this year’s ALD and a longtime activist and narrator. “And in these stories … there are organizations where people say, ‘Oh, you need to talk to them, you need to talk to them.’ So it’s a way to not only be close to people, positive and healing, but also get connected to get the help you need. ”

On Sunday, students at Howard University, La Bolsa Theater performers, as well as longtime ALD organizers and observers, boarded a bus from DC to Lafayette Square Park in Baltimore. Reggae proverb band played rasta rugs reggae, vendors offered summer kebabs and pies, and sang “Africa must be free!” filled the green zone.

Rafiki MorrisMC for the day, told of the liberation struggle after a boxing demonstration Marvin McDowell, a member of the Maryland Boxing Hall of Fame and executive director Umar Boxing. The La Bolsa Theater has staged a theatrical play about the activist’s work Claudia Jones, encouraging the audience to participate in the scene. The theater troupe urged people to shout suggestions about how the characters should fight oppression in a scenario involving farm workers and an exploiter.

“For me, that means everything, because unity is always the engine that moves forward. People need to come together … to talk about unity in our communities, about how to organize our communities so that they are united for all the right reasons, ”Disro tells City newspaper through text.

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