Sunyard and ICBC (Guizhou Branch) Announce Partnership to Improve MIS Merchant Cashier Service | News

Hangzhou, China, May 31, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Sunyard Technology, the world’s leading payment solution provider, works with Guizhou branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank China (“ICBC Guizhou”) in the Electronic Cash Register Equipment (“ECR”) project to help develop the future of financial services in industries, unleash the potential of acquiring merchants and create more personalized interactions with customers. The ECR product shortlist fully emphasizes the high level of customer recognition and shows Sunyard’s reputation and strength in the domestic payments market.

Seven smart ECRs, covering Windows and Android, are used to help navigate these issues of different scenarios in MIS cashiers. This helps the bank expand its MIS acquiring services and plays a positive role in implementing future business models and new revenue streams, such as stabilizing customer deposits and intermediate business revenues.

With a stunning dual tablet-like display, Sunyard’s ECR is a richly equipped and highly compatible retail tool that provides a fantastic phenomenal viewing experience from any angle. Powerful performance efficiently meets a variety of requirements with omnichannel payment and easy connectivity. Thanks to the intelligent management platform it is also easy to remotely manage, track and control payment terminals wherever they are, regardless of their types and operating systems.

For the self-service ECR, it combines an ultra-large touch screen, intelligent operating system, high-speed barcode recognition module, check printer and shelf assistant. During the hype of shopping, customers only need to scan the barcode of the product, open the payment code and finally get a check. The self-service payment terminal, designed for the most demanding shopping centers, is simple and fast, which significantly increases the efficiency of customer payments, reduces queuing time and relieves pressure from cashiers.

With a line of great POS products, including mobile POS i80, Android miniPOS i50, mPOS Vi218 and Pinpad P90, Sunyard enjoys a good reputation in global markets, including Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa, Europeand North America. Our team strives to create solutions for payment terminals that better meet the needs of the local market. With a market share of № 1 y Of China in the financial industry, Sunyard is one of the financial IT companies with the most complete reach of users and networks China and has set up an appropriate service system in 36 branches across the country, promoting localized, efficient and guaranteed services.

At Sunyard, we are constantly expanding and developing our product portfolio to help you grow your business. Everything we do is backed by the experience, support and commitment that you already trust us with.

Our culture of care means that we invest time, energy and resources in developing products that you can count on. We care about quality just as much as you do. If you need advice, more information or make an order, we are here to help.


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Sunyard Technology co., Ltd, the world’s leading provider of payment solutions, offers cost-effective payment terminals of the highest quality and financial software products, including payment password system, liquidation system in the same city, corporate electronic banking system, risk alarm system, etc. As the first financial IT company on the list China (SSE Code: 600571), Sunyard has achieved leadership positions in the financial industry with more than two decades of professional experience. Based on a solid foundation in the domestic market, Sunyard is committed to expanding the international market in line with its development strategyy.

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