Super Bowl Live: The game will be hot, but not the hottest

The last of the Super Cup.

INGLEWOOD, CA (AP) – Latest on Super Cup:

The SoFi Stadium is hot on Super Bowl 56. Just not the hottest in this game.

The temperature was 82 before the start between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals after cooling off from 85 a couple of hours before the start. California has faced a heat wave over the past week, with temperatures in the region reaching the 90s.

That’s less than the 84 record set on January 14, 1973 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.


Getting into this Super Cup at the last minute would mean a big hit to the wallet.

StubHub says Sunday’s price was $ 3,800, up 10% from Saturday, and the average ticket price was $ 6,136. This is a drop of 8% compared to Saturday.

The site still had more than 1,400 tickets on Sunday morning.

Fans from California have bought nearly 40% more tickets in the last 24 hours, as well as nearly 35% of new tickets sold during that period.

Believers in Cincinnati were busy with buyers from Ohio, who accounted for 8% of sales.


Start at Super Bowl 56 in less than an hour, and both teams warm up on the field at SoFi Stadium.

Joe Barrow heads the Cincinnati Bengals, and Matthew Stafford is dressed in a modern white Rams T-shirt. This is the first place in the Super Cup for everyone.

Barrow – the fastest to move from number 1 in the overall standings to the start of this game.

Stafford had never won the playoffs before that postseason after Rams traded him. Stafford comes in with 49,995 yard passes and 323 TD passes. This is mostly for the quarterback, who played in the Super Cup for the first time. Stafford need just 209 yards to become the sixth player to score 6,000 in one season.


“Who’s Day!” fans make themselves known at the SoFi stadium.

The fees are filled with people with Bengali knitwear, and their number exceeds Rams knitwear by almost 4: 1. The most popular is Joe Barrow’s jersey № 9.

Belgals believers are also not waiting for the start. They walk around chanting “Who Dey!” in the house of his opponent.


Super Bowl 56 could go down in history from the start before the Los Angeles Reims and Cincinnati Bengals start the starting discs.

The temperature two hours before the start was 85 degrees with a chance for the caliber to rise even higher before the ball hit. This would make it the hottest Super Bowl ever, surpassing the 84 record set on January 14, 1973 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

California faced a heat wave in eight places in the region, where earlier this week there were record temperatures above 80 and below 90.


The signs around SoFi Stadium remind people to wear masks, although many people inside on Super Bowl 56 walk without masks, even when not eating or drinking. President Joe Biden believes that people should be attentive if not to themselves but to their children and families.

In an interview shown during the NBC pre-game show, Lester Holt asked Biden about how people without masks go to the Super Bowl. The president said he likes the way people talk about personal freedom. Biden said he did not consider people who do not wear masks to practice freedom. He says they are endangering their own health and the health of others.

He also urged people to get vaccinated and use tools to prevent death and serious illness.

California eased the mask requirements on Tuesday, two days after the Super Cup.


The Cincinnati Bengals Super Cup on Sunday is technical. The home field advantage belongs to the Los Angeles Rams.

The NFC champions (15-5) will get dressed and work out of their usual locker room, spending the night before the big game at their usual hotel. The Rams logo is pasted around and inside the SoFi Stadium even with banners that make it clear that it is a Super Cup.

Yes, the Bengals (13-7) are represented at the stadium with the title and “Who Dey!” mantra opposite the Rams.

This is the second consecutive Super Cup where the hosts played at home after Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bacchanaries won the championship a year ago at Raymond James Stadium. Prior to that, the NFL had not played in the Super Bowl at its home stadium for 54 years.


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