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Students may again request a free lunch at some New York University dining halls after the Swipe it Forward program resumed on February 21st.

Swipe forward as well food donation program which allows any student to request a free lunch at a separate canteen at New York University, resumed Feb. 21. The program, run in collaboration with New York University’s student government, operates using meals donated by students with nutrition plans, and is one of the university’s flagship initiatives to combat food security on campus.

Although the spring semester of 2022 began on January 24 – more than four weeks ago – Swipe it Forward was unavailable to students until this week. Frequent users of the program were denied access to restaurants when they asked for donated swipes spoke out against the delayed launch online, noting that students facing food security need ongoing support.

Mehrin Ali, chairman of the New York University Student Government Assembly, said Swipe it Forward always started a month into the semester. Ali is a Senator in the specialty for students who feel insecure about food and basic needs, and one of the student representatives who helped implement the program when it was first launched in 2019.

For the past two years, student leaders have tried to collaborate with New York University restaurant administrators to increase program coverage.

“Being a student leader without a canteen [plan]“I’m also disappointed why it takes so long,” Ali said. “I’m also hungry now. I didn’t eat today because I don’t have the resources to get food on campus. I hope that student programs and initiatives such as Swipe it Forward will become institutional, so student leaders do not have to guarantee that the program will continue next semester. ”

According to a statement to WSN, co-authored by Ali and Katrina O’Mahony, senior director of campus services at New York University, the program should take effect a few weeks after the start of the semester to be able to nominate a donation bank. for its operation. The statement also encouraged students to look for other programs aimed at food security on campus when Swipe it Forward is not available.

“If they need emergency food assistance, they should turn to New York University’s Food Awareness Program, which provides free short-term food support to any enrolled student in need throughout the year,” the statement said. “To make students better understand how to swipe forward [and] other initiatives, we’ve added information about New York University’s nutrition support initiatives to our website. ”

Students faced other problems caused by the Swipe it Forward donation system. In December 2021, student government spokesman Chamon Lawrence told WSN donated insufficient students to the program.

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“This puts the program in a shortage of thousands of students,” Lawrence said in December. “The increase in demand is obvious as more students feel insecure. At the same time, combined with a more reliable campaign, advertising and a personal meeting, I certainly think that the figures do not correspond to what we can achieve. “

According to Ali and O’Mahony, Swipe it Forward has since recovered from this shortfall, probably due to rising donations in the final weeks of the fall 2021 semester. As a result, the program currently has a surplus of donations to help fund it this semester.

Asked later about plans to coincide with the resumption of the program with the start of the semester, O’Mahony said administrators would continue to meet with student government during the spring semester for review.

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