Tamwater, which received the best seed, stunned Burlington-Edison in regional 2A


The Burlington-Edison Tigers break out as time passes in their sad victory over top-ranked Tumwater T-Birds on Saturday night in the regional round of the state 2A Girls Basketball Championship at WF West High School in Czechoslovakia, 26 February, Washington22. -Edison won the game, 52-47.


Some say that moral victory does not happen.

If so, this is certainly not what the 2A women’s basketball team would strive for in the regional round.

The disciplined attack of Burlington-Edison, who finished eighth, and tireless defense allowed the Tigers to take a place in the quarterfinals of the state tournament 2A, winning 52-47 over the best seeded Tamuother on Saturday night at WF West High School in Chechnya. However, the Thunderbirds have managed to report that they will probably still be a factor in the Yakima Valley SunDome.

“They’re a really good team, I’m not at all shocked,” Tumwater coach Robin Johnson said. “They played ridiculously hard. Tons of credit to them. In defense, they kept us on our feet, put a lot of pressure on us, which we did poorly. They bounced well, they directly surpassed us. “

After scoring 42-32 with a score of 2:37 to play in the third quarter, the T-Birds, who were 13 behind in the second half, set a timeout.

When Johnson gave instructions, the announcer informed fans that hot dogs would cost half the price if there were concessions by the end of the game. In other words, the long day of regional matches at WF West was almost over.

Not at all.

Shortly thereafter, the T-Birds (22-2) went on a 13-2 run, leading to a single possession with a score of 47-45 before the Tigers (17-7) held on to victory.

“We showed a lot of courage,” Johnson said. “We’ve had a tough week on the team, but we’ve shown a great soul and I’m so proud of the kids.”

Junior Kylie Waltermeyer, who led Tamwater with 17 points, bounced off 3-point shots to each other to bring the T-Birds within the basket. After a couple of free throws from Sydney Reisner star “Tigers” Natalie Twilight made the score 49-47 with a score of 1:18, but Tumwater no longer scored.

Eli Waltermeyer of Tumwater poses a jumper between Burlington-Edison defenders Amy Raynaud (left) and Sidney Reisner during Saturday night of the regional round of the girls’ basketball tournament at WF West High School in Chekhalis, Washington, February 26, 2022. Burlington. -Edison won the game, 52-47. Tony Overman toverman@theolympian.com

“Kylie is heavy in the long run. It’s like ice, ”Johnson said. “She’s always very good at grip. It never gets too high or too low. She is resilient. The kid loves to compete.

No other T-Bird scored double-digit points: Twilight scored nine and Aubrey Amendal scored eight, all in the first half. The two best senior teams in Burlington-Edison, Reisner and Amy Raynaud, faced trouble, with Raynaud taking his third win in the first quarter but still leading the Tigers.

Tumwater defender Isabel Lund puts pressure on Analise Slotemaker of Burlington-Edison during the regional round of the 2A State Girls Basketball Championship at WF West High School in Chekhalis, Washington, on February 26, 2022. Burlington-Edison won the game 52-47. Tony Overman toverman@theolympian.com

Reisner finished the game with 17, including the last five BE points to finish the game, while Raynaud added eight. Five different players have sunk at least one three-pointer for the Tigers.

The loss, the first of the T-Birds season against School 2A, sends Tamwater to the first round on Wednesday in the state. They are still alive for the state championship if they can win four games in a row.

“Losses can be both good and bad. It’s up to us, ”Johnson said. “We love our team and love each other. I hope we will take care of things. “

Aubrey Amendal of Tumwater rides down the lane in front of defender Burlington-Edison Analysis Slotmaker during Saturday night of the state’s 2A regional girls ’basketball tournament at WF West High School in Chekhalis, Washington, February 26, 2022. Burlington-Edison won the game. , 52-47. Tony Overman toverman@theolympian.com

They will open against West Valley of Spokane at 14:15 in a losing game, right after WF West meet Linden in a similar game at 12:15. in the semifinals of the 2020 state tournament.

The Burlington-Edison is not open until 10:30 a.m. Thursday when they face a winner in Wednesday’s game between White River and Vashugal.

At the start of Saturday’s regional game, Tumwater looked as if his seedling would stick.

22Regan Brewer Ali Waltermeyer Hannah Sayer Kylie Waltermeyer.jpg
February 26, 2022 February 26, 2022 Burlington-Edison won on Saturday night Eli Waltermeyer of Tumwater, stealing the ball after knocking the ball out of Hannah Sayer of Burlington-Edison during Saturday night’s regional round of the Basketball Girls’ Basketball Championship WF West High School in Chekhalis, Washington. game, 52-47. Tony Overman toverman@theolympian.com

The T-Birds immediately gained the biggest advantage, 5-0, and after five shifts ahead at the end of the first period increased to 14-11 after a pull-up by Amendal.

But after Burlington-Edison broke a 16-16 draw in the early second quarter after a 3-point throw by freshman Lily Atkins, the Tigers are never behind.

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