Texas school officials arrested after concealing sexual assault


Administrators and coaches of a Midland Christian school have been arrested for allegedly failing to report sexual assault on a student, Texas police said.

Administrators and coaches at a private school in Midland, Texas, were arrested after police said they did not report alleged sexual assault on a student.

Five members of the Midland Christian School were arrested on Wednesday, February 16, and charged with “failure to appear with intent to conceal negligence or abuse,” the Midland Police Department told McClatchy News.

Midland Police Detective became known of alleged abuse January 28 and interviewed the student, according to an affidavit received by the KMID TV channel.

He told the detective that on Jan. 20 after baseball practice he went to the locker room to change. The light went out and he heard a voice say it was “freshman dedication day” and someone started beating him with a baseball bat, KMID reports.

He was told he had no right to defend himself.

As the attack continued, the boy was on his back, after which he was sexually assaulted with a bat, according to KMID.

After hearing the student’s report, the police talked to school principal Jared Leereports KWES.

During the investigation, police learned that Lee had reported the incident in January from an administrator, and he ordered the athletic director and coach to investigate the matter, the station said.

When police asked for evidence related to the investigation, Lee declined, the newspaper reported. On February 14, police handed over a search warrant and seized documents relating to their own investigation at the school, and found that they were bare-bones and only a few days old.

Midland police have determined that the five people they arrested were well aware of the attack, but decided to remain silent and not report it to the authorities, as required by law, according to KWES.

Police did not say which of the teachers was arrested, but five were questioned by police, the newspaper said.

These are Lee, athletic director Gregory McClendon, baseball coach Barry Russell, assistant director and coach Matthew Counts and secondary director Dana Ellis.

As of 5pm on 16 February, all five were on the list of current detainees at the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

Mitchell Willets is a real-time news reporter covering the central United States for McClach. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and an outdoor enthusiast living in Texas.

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