The Biden administration is asking the court to allow him to impose a mandate in disguise on air travel

The Biden administration has appealed to the Court of Appeals to allow the resumption of the federal government’s mandate on masks on national airlines.

In a statement to the 11th U.S. District Court of Appeals, the Department of Justice asked the panel to overturn a district court judge’s April ruling that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has no authority to impose a mandate.

The Justice Department said the CDC order was within the agency’s legal authority, although the statement did not explicitly say that the CDC would again force Americans to wear masks on planes, buses, taxis, travel services and transit terminals.

Hours after U.S. District Judge Catherine Kimball’s April 18 order terminated her term, the Biden administration said it would no longer carry it out.

However, administration officials often said it could appeal Judge Kimball’s decision to keep the CDC’s power in law.

The CDC did not immediately respond to the request from Reuters reports on whether the mask order will be returned if the appeals court agrees that Judge Kimball passed.

“None of the district court’s disputes with the CDC’s ruling indicate that the CDC acted outside the ‘reasonable zone,'” the Justice Department said.

The Justice Department told the Court of Appeals in a statement issued hours before the appellate court’s expiration that the CDC’s findings in early 2021, when the order was first introduced, provided “broad support for the agency’s determination to have good reasons to make the order effective without delay.” .

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