The Blazers defeated the Warriors in response from the All-Star Break, 132-95

PORTLAND – Stephen Curry scored 18 points and gave up 14 assists, while the Golden State Warriors returned from a break at the All-Star Game to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers 132-95 on Thursday night.

Clay Thompson also scored 18 points for the Warriors. They lost four of the last five before the break.

In the second half, the Warriors led by 37 points, and in the fourth quarter rested in the starting lineup.

Anferni Simons scored 24 points for Portland. The Trail Blazers have won four in a row.

Gary Payton II started behind the Golden State, although he was skeptical of going into the game due to a shin injury. Like his dad, Peyton played in Oregon and received a standing ovation from Portland fans during the performance.

Portland announced the day before that central Yusuf Nurkic would not work for at least the next four weeks due to plantar fascia. The injury was the latest blow for the Blazers, who do not have Damian Lillard’s stars after an abdominal procedure.

Portland coach Chauncey Bilaps started Drew Yubenks – who also played in Oregon – at the center. Eubenks, in his fourth NBA season, traveled to Toronto as part of Goran Dragic’s trade with San Antonio on time, and was later canceled. On Tuesday, he signed a 10-day contract with Portland.

In the first quarter, Portland broke away with a score of 29-19, but this did not continue. The Warriors ended the series with a 15-3 three-pointer by Jordan Poole and an increase of 50-38.

Golden State increased the lead to 20 points and went to the break ahead with a score of 70-57. Curry scored 18 points and gave up 13 assists in his sixth double-double of his career before the break and the first since December 2017.


In addition to Oregon ties on both sides, there was also a Washington state link between Thompson and Sijae Elebi of Portland – and former Cougars defender Gardner Minchau, who was among the fans at the game.


Warriors: Kerr said before the game that Thompson is still on the 30-minute limit. … Curry has extended his streak from at least one 3-point to 180 games. … Golden State also won the first two series of three games with the Blazers.

Blazers: All five of Portland’s starting line-ups at the start of the season have either been injured for a long time (Lillard, Nurkik), or changed (CJ McCall, Robert Covington, Norman Powell). The Blazers made just nine three-pointers out of 35 attempts.


On Sunday, the Trail Blazers host Denver.

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