The body was identified a few months later: Anderson County officials, SC


According to officials, the man could light a fire to try to keep warm in the winter.

According to officials, a man found dead in a burning house in South Carolina could light a fire to keep warm.

A few months after the January fire, the man was identified this week as 33-year-old Dustin L. Nichols. He lived in Old, about 40 miles southwest of Greenville.

“The victim was not identified during the initial investigation and suffered severe thermal damage,” the Anderson County Coroner’s Office wrote.

But thanks to DNA analysis, the SC law enforcement department was finally able to identify Nichols, officials said on June 2.

His name was released months after the coroner’s office said firefighters were called to the burning house around 3:30 a.m. Jan. 16.

“Anderson County Fire Department (Rock Springs County) responded to the abandoned home and found the structure engulfed in flames after putting out the fire (victim),” officials said. “Firefighters believe the fire was started by a man who was trying to keep warm because there was no electricity in the structure.”

Approximately at the time of the fire – which was reported on the highway 413 – at least The temperature was 20-30 degreesaccording to the National Weather Service.

On the day of the fire, the coroner’s office said the victim was probably a man but was not identified. Officials asked the public to help determine who might be in the house if it caught fire.

About a week later, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office reported that a man named Dustin L. Nichols missing. Officials said he was last seen on January 15 in Anderson.

The coroner’s office reported that Nichols had died from burns and carbon monoxide poisoning. The death investigation was completed on June 2.

Simon Jasper is a reporter covering the latest news for The News & Observer and real-time news in Carolina.

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