The cancellation of flights on the weekend of Remembrance Day affects travelers across the country

SPOKANE, Wash – This weekend’s Remembrance Day was chaotic for many who traveled by air.

According to the Flight Aware flight tracking website, more than 6,000 flights around the world have been canceled since Friday, and hundreds have been postponed.

The website says that as of 18:00, only 6 flights were delayed at Spokane International Airport, and no flights were canceled.

“I woke up that morning because she was going to travel at night, and then in the morning she called me and said it had been canceled,” said Richard Rice, a Spokane resident.

Rice’s wife and child spent an extra night in North Carolina after the airline canceled their flight on Sunday.

“They planned it later that night, but we have a baby, so it just interferes with the schedule, so she just postponed it to the next day. Fortunately, there was no cancellation today, ”Rice said.

However, some travelers said their trips for a three-day vacation so far have been so good.

“I didn’t have any problems coming out earlier in the week without delay. I think we were stuck for 10 minutes … nothing serious, ”said James Squire, a traveler.

Many airlines say they are dealing with a list of travel issues such as weather, traffic control issues and staff shortages.

Delays and cancellations are things you don’t want to deal with, but what if you have to?

In the event of a delay the refund is determined on a case-by-case basis, including fees for raising the bag and seat.

You can also try to book an alternative flight at your current airline or another airline, but higher fees may be charged.

However, the airlines are not obliged to reimburse you for the convenience.

In case of flight cancellation you are entitled to a refund.

Airlines usually book you for free for the next available flight or reimburse you with vouchers.

Airlines are not required to transfer you to another airline, but ask them and often they will try to book you with another carrier.

In addition, depending on the policy of each airline, you may be available compensation for the hotel and meals.

The bottom line: be active and make inquiries.

Click here for more information on flight delays and cancellations.

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