The Celtics took a huge 4th place, beating the Warriors in the first game of the NBA Finals

SAN FRANCISCO – After the balanced list of the first participants of the Boston NBA finals found a long-distance victory, the decisive “Celtics” made a memorable return and bypassed Stephen Curry and the old guard of the “Golden State”.

Jaylen Brown scored 24 points, Al Horford scored six three-pointers, and the Celtics spent the most obscure fourth quarter in NBA Finals history before defeating the Warriors 120-108 in the first game on Thursday night.

Horford finished with 26 points, and the Celtics beat the Warriors 40-16 in the last 12 minutes after falling behind by 15 points at the end of the third quarter. The 15-year-old major, who turns 36 on Friday, has played in 141 previous post-season games, most of all before playing in the NBA Finals.

“I felt like the guys found me from time to time. Derrick White also dealt several heavy blows, ”Horford said. “I just watched, knocked them off their feet. That’s all. “

Boston made its first seven long-distance attempts in the fourth and finished 9 out of 12 outside the arc during that period as almost all were drawn into the 3-point flurry. Jason Tatum was the only Celtics regular to fight in the attack, finishing 3 of 17, although he had 13 assists.

Curry scored 34 points, returning to the NBA’s big stage for the first time in three years, but the Warriors failed to hold the momentum in the third quarter with 38 points, which put them ahead 92-80 in the final 12 minutes.

Game 2 – Sunday night at Chase Center.

“It’s an incredible feeling to just be here and compete on such a level with such a dynamic franchise the last couple of years,” Boston security guard Peyton Pritchard said. “I think we’re all looking forward to the challenge to go through the series and try to make it.”

The Celtics were the first team to fall 10 or more points in the final after three quarters and win by 10 or more, according to Sportradar.

Derrick White tripled over Curry with a score of 5:40 tied 103, then Horford hit from depth the next time the Celtics took the lead from the first half.

“They stayed within striking distance and made strikes late,” said Drayman Green of Golden State.

Boston is aiming to win its record-breaking 18th title, which would move the Celtics behind the Lakers – and now only three wins.

Brown, who played in neighboring California during one student season, made sports baskets that tied the game with a score of 47 with a score of 5:03 left before the break, and the Celtics led 56-54 at the break. Golden State then used a landmark leap in the third quarter, scoring 38 points to build a great lead.

Brown then scored five quick points early in the fourth and assisted Robert Williams III when the Celtics played between 92-87 from 9:35 to the end. Brown at 8:22 made the score 94-92 before Clay Thompson answered.

Andrew Wiggins scored 20 points in his debut final, and Green made 11 rebounds before fouling 48.3 seconds before the end. Thompson scored 15 points when the Warriors began their sixth final in eight years after five consecutive trips from 2015-19 and winning three championships.

They will have to win this game behind after their previous game 1 under Steve Kerr was 21-2.

“It’s a different feeling. You obviously go into Game 2 with a greater sense of despair. It’s all part of that stuff. We have been in this situation before, ”Kerr said. “Boston played a brilliant quarter. They came and earned the victory. “

Curry scored an equal 21 points in the starting period when shooting 7 to 8, including 6 of the 8 executed 3 – skipping the swing from the half-bark in the horn. And Boston struggled to keep up with the swift movement of the Warriors ball and arrows everywhere on the floor.

Otto Porter Jr. returned from absence in two games and scored 12 points from the bench for the well-rested “Warriors”. Golden State finished the Western Conference final in Game 5 against Dallas a week earlier at home, while Boston was brought to the brink with a 7-game win in Miami last Sunday.

Golden State dropped to 9-1 this postseason at home, where a full house in the final yellow jerseys chanted “MVP!” for Curry anyway.

Marcus Smart scored 18 points out of four 3 for Boston. The Celtics have received criticism from Kerr for what the Golden State coach called a “dangerous game” that attacked Curry’s left foot on March 16 in the 110-88 defeat of Boston, which brought the 2021 champion to the top scorer for the month before his return to the 1st game. in the first round against Denver.

Now begins the hard work for the Warriors, which two years ago went to the worst of the 15-50 league during the shortened pandemic season 2019-20 and lost to Memphis in a game last year before eliminating the Grizzlies in the first round this season.


Curry’s six threes in the first 12 minutes were the best in any quarter of the NBA Finals. Also, 21 points was the highest of 22 by Jordan Jordan in the fourth quarter of Game 4 against Phoenix in 1993.

The Celtics and the Warriors played 20 games in the first half together, which was a record for the first half of the NBA Finals.


Celtics: Williams started after being listed as a suspect with soreness in his surgically repaired left knee, and finished with eight points during the 24-minute game. The Coach Name Udok expected it to be limited to about 20 minutes as it has been lately. … “Boston” and “Warriors” were even on the boards at 39.… Tatum was 2 for 9 in the first half and 3 of 17 for a total of 12 points.

Warriors: Andre Iguadala (injured disc in neck), G Gary Peyton II (left elbow fracture) and Porter (left foot soreness) are back. The best player of the 2015 NBA Finals Iguadala registered with 2:36 in the first doctor after he missed 12 games. … Golden State has 21-3 in the 1st game since the 2014-15 season, when the Warriors captured the first franchise championship in 40 years – and they won the first 13 playoff series at home, becoming the third by the length of a series in NBA history, before that.

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