The Clark County Electoral Bureau is seeking a statement against the bonds

The Clark County Electoral Bureau is looking for individuals to write a statement against the bond proposal in the April 26 special election. Elections has received a $ 62.5 million bond offer from the Ridgefield School District.

During each election, the Clark County Audit Office provides an online and printed voter guide with information on candidates and / or voting measures so that voters can make an informed decision during voting. This voter guide often includes statements and photos of candidates for elected office, as well as local voting measures with expressions of support and opposition written by residents.

Entities who put a measure on the ballot paper may appoint a commission to write a confirmatory statement and another committee to write a statement against. If the election agency does not receive a statement in support or opposition to local voting, staff will try to identify residents interested in making such a statement.

To see the full text of the resolution, the language of the vote and other resolutions for the April snap vote, visit and click on the link to the April 26 snap election at the top of the page.

Any registered voter interested in writing a statement against is asked to contact Katie Garber at Clark County Election Department at 564-397-2345. The deadline is Friday at 3 p.m.

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