The deadline for submitting documents for the 2022 primaries is coming to an end – Washington Daily News

The deadline for applications for the 2022 primaries ended at noon on Friday.

The deadline for voter registration for the primaries is April 22 at 5 p.m. Early voting from one window will begin on April 28 and end on May 14. The state election day is May 17, and the state general election will be celebrated on November 8.

Here is a list of candidates who ran in the local elections. Actors are marked with an asterisk:

  • Senate NC Dist. 2 (was distance 3)

Jim Perry (rep.)

* Keith Kidwell (rep.)

Ed Hedge (rep.)

* Marty Paramor (dem.)

Corey Rogerson (dem.)

Harold Bright Jr. (dem.)

Petre Franks Jr. (dem.)

Scott Hammonds (rep.)

* Ernie Coleman (rep.)

  • District Commission (three seats)

* Ed Booth (dem.)

* Stan Daderage (rep.)

* Frankie Waters (rep.)

Don Brynson Slan (rep.)

Tandy Dunn (rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 2

* EC Peed (dem.)

Charles Hickman III (rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 4

* Terry Williams (rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 6

Gary M. Carlton (rep.)

Gray Clark (rep.)

* Michael Bilbro (rep.)

  • Board of Education Dist. 8

* Butch Oliver (rep.)

Donald W. Shriv (rep.)

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