The death toll is approaching 6 million when the pandemic enters its third year

Eastern Europe has been particularly hard hit by the amicron option, and with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a new risk has emerged as hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing to places like Poland in overcrowded trains. Health officials offer all refugees free vaccinations, but do not conduct their screening upon arrival or quarantine.

“This is really tragic, because a lot of stress has a very negative effect on the natural immunity and increases the risk of infection,” said Anna Boron-Kaczmarska, a Polish infectious disease specialist. “They are under a lot of stress, afraid for their lives, the lives of their children, their family members.”

Mexico has registered 300,000 deaths, but with small tests, government analysis of death certificates brings the actual number closer to 500,000. However, four weeks of falling infection levels have prompted health officials to optimize.

In India, where the world has been shocked by images of open-air bonfires that have burned bodies when crematoria have been overcrowded, scars are disappearing as the number of new cases and deaths slows.

More than 500,000 deaths have been recorded in India, but experts estimate that its true number is in the millions, primarily from the delta variant. Migrants from the vast outback of India are now returning to its metropolises in search of work, and the streets are crowded with vehicles. The malls have customers, though still in disguise, and schools and universities welcome students after a months-long break.

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