The fake onion hides methamphetamine at the Otai-Mesa CA crossing


The Border Patrol reported that methamphetamine (pictured on the insert) was packaged to look like an onion in the shipment.

US Border Patrol

A consignment of onions at the border crossing to California from Mexico was more involved than it seemed at first glance, U.S. Border Service agents said.

The K9 border patrol is looking after a large cargo detected drugs at the Otai-Mesa crossing near San Diego on Feb. 20, the agency said in a press release.

Agents found 1,197 packets of methamphetamine “in the form of small white-coated balls intended for mixing with onions,” the release said.

According to agents, they confiscated 1,336 pounds of metamamenatine with an estimated street value of $ 2.9 million.

“It was not only a cunning attempt to smuggle drugs that I had never seen before, but also a job that took a long time to wrap the drugs in these small packages that looked like onions,” said Sidney Aki, director of the department. Operations in San Diego.

“While we’ve certainly seen drugs in products before, it’s unusual for us to see this level of detail in concealment,” Aki said.

The 46-year-old driver, a Mexican citizen, was arrested and handed over to immigration authorities, the release said. The tractor-trailer was confiscated.

Don Sweeney has been a reporter and editor of a newspaper in California for over 25 years. He has been a real-time reporter for The Sacramento Bee since 2016.

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