The film is about slavery in Washington – Washington Daily News

“Freedom of NC,” a locally produced film that shows the fictional story of the 1800s of a 14-year-old black female slave who dreams of a better life, will be shown this Saturday at the Turnage Theater.

Created by Beaufort County resident James Jones Jr., the film tells the story of fictional Sarah Jones who wants to leave the Hopperville Plantation in Washington.

The plantation shown in the film is also fictional, but it is designed to show the reality of slavery in Washington in the 1800s. The film begins and ends at the Underground Museum on Main Street, where founder Lisa Jones has become one of the producer’s research partners.

Much of the information Jones provided was included in the film, including her favorite museum item, a bunch of Susan’s black-eyed plants. According to Jones, refugees who needed to use symbols rather than words in their attempts to reach the Pamlik River abolitionists safely would return to their plantations if they saw someone holding a bunch of these yellow flowers with northern “eyes” in the center.

“They were the visual code, that there were too many ‘eyes’ around, that they would be caught, that they needed to go back to their plantation and try again,” Jones said.

The cinematic retelling of the struggle and victories of those seeking freedom from slavery is filled with period music, as well as modern compositions that reflect the mood of the heroes of the two-hour film.

Masks for visitors are still encouraged. The doors of the Turnage Theater open at 6 p.m. The film will begin at 19.00. The gallery will open an exhibition about the era of slavery, which will also offer drinks and goods related to cinema. Tickets cost $ 15.

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