The fisherman winds up a record-breaking bass in Texas


Fishermen caught a record-breaking perch on Lake OH Ivie, Texas, state wildlife officials said.

Screenshots from a Facebook post from Toyota ShareLunker.

The fisherman and his son survived unfortunate conditions during a recent fishing trip in Texas and they have to show a record catch.

Despite the frosty rain and fog, Brody Davis and his son Stetson headed to Lake OH Ivie, he said in a Facebook post. The lake is near 50 miles east of San Angelo.

The minimum temperature was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit in the San Angelo area on Feb. 24, catch day.

“There were only 2 other boats on the lake that morning that I know of,” Davis said.

It was a slow day, and in a few hours without luck they were almost ready to return to shore, Davis said. But he wanted to try another place.

That’s when he saw a large-mouthed perch hovering in the water over the drowned wood.

“I threw at her 2 times and the second time she slapped!” he said. “After a few good runs, she finally gave in, and Stetson killed her.”

The bass measures 27.25 inches in length and 17.06 pounds, making it the largest large-mouthed perch caught at OH Ivie, according to records of Texas Parks and Wildlife. It is also the seventh largest catfish caught in the state, and for the first time since 1997, a new big catch entered the top 10.

“Historical day!” TPWD Toyota ShareLunker program said in a message on social media. The program is dedicated to the creation of “more and better ”catching bass in the state, in part by encouraging fishermen to donate larger fish to the program, which is then used to breed more fish.

“Fishing Brody Davis has just weighed one of Texas’ largest ShareLunkers to reach the scales of the last 30 years!” the message said.

Davis said he would “never forget” the fishing trip not only because he wound up the monster fish, but also because he had to share the glory with his son.

“Words cannot describe feelings!” he wrote. “There were a few hugs, and the emotions ran high!”

Mitchell Willets is a real-time news reporter covering the central United States for McClach. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and an outdoor enthusiast living in Texas.

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