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PASAIC, New Jersey, June 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Due to the fact that the economy is experiencing several acute problems, such as inflation, and perhaps the approaching recession, mergers and acquisitions are quickly becoming a viable option – especially for start-ups. Assessing their depressive assessment, start-up executives rearrange their business to deal mergers and acquisitions instead of attracting rounds of funding.

The operation of a merger and acquisition transaction will depend on how CEOs position their companies – especially in the post-merger integration period.

Experts believe that this change of position in response to the market landscape may lead us to the beginning of mergers and acquisitions. Lockerbie & Co CEO and Founder, Stephanie Lockercomments on the status of mergers and acquisitions and how this may affect the outcome of post-merger integration:

“The current market landscape for M&A deals is driven by CEOs who are looking for options. The focus is shifting towards companies that make a profit. We have seen how private equity customers prefer sustainable business models as it leads to simpler potential for scale.

The operation of a merger and acquisition transaction will depend on how CEOs position their companies – especially in the post-merger integration period. Ensuring that the post-merger process is strategic and streamlined can lead to faster delivery of results. If the initial climb is too difficult, it could be a potential turnaround for PE investors looking for a shorter runway to profit.

Maintaining the integration of all parties after the merger in a positive and true state allows everyone to act more confidently. If integration remains in the pipeline, it could hinder the success of the merger. Remember that integration is not just about data and systems, but also about employees and their current state of work, which is influenced by the culture and team of the company. It is imperative for both parties to be on board and do everything right the first time. As we now know, the post-merger plan will affect the initial results after the merger, ultimately giving more confidence and providing a longer runway for positive results in the future.

We recently launched a client a $ 68 million an austerity initiative by the company that led to Fr. $ 3 billion acquisition. The positive impact of their EBITDA allowed them to increase profitability by positioning them for maximum performance. We have seen growth in healthcare, technology, financial services, real estate and industry. ”


Lockerbie is starting his fourth year in business since he opened his doors in 2019, after his managing partner left positions in the management consulting firms “Big 4” and “Big Three” to better equip organizations to fulfill their missions. and upholding the good. Their clients are Fortune 1000 and Private Equity clients. Their headquarters are in the hub zone and have fifteen federal and state certificates belonging to a variety of suppliers. The firm is owned, operated and operated by a woman, Stephanie E. Lockeras well as a diverse team of former great consultants 3 and 4 employees.

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