The husband was arrested after his wife and parents were killed in Arkansas


The woman and her parents were killed near a home in Hazen, Arkansas, and her husband was arrested, police said.

Photo by Sun News

According to Arkansas police, a woman from Arkansas and her parents were shot dead near a house in Heisen, and her husband is in custody.

Police in Hazen – about 35 miles east of Little Rock – responded to the shooting around 9:40 p.m. on Friday, March 4, Arkansas police said in a release.

Near the house near the highway № 63 officers found 46-year-old Miranda Mannerlin dead along with her father and mother, 64-year-old James Turner and 62-year-old Amanda Turner.

As officers headed to the address, Hazen police learned that the suspect in the shooting was spotted on the highway in a pickup truck, the release said.

Police closed in a pickup truck and arrested the driver, 50-year-old Michael Mannerlin, who is Miranda Mannerlin’s husband.

Hazen authorities have asked Arkansas police to take over the investigation, according to ASP. Special agents began gathering evidence at the scene and talking to people who knew the family and could understand what led to the killings.

“The bodies of the three victims will be examined at the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory to confirm the manner and cause of death,” ASP said, and the results will be passed on to the Prairie County Attorney.

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