The judge believes Biden has over-released children from the border pandemic policy

On Friday, a federal judge challenged President Biden’s decision to release illegal immigrant children at the border, allowing them to enter while other migrants return back amid the pandemic.

Judge Mark T. Pitman said the exception did not make sense as children could also spread COVID-19. He is ordered the government to repeal the exemption and treat so-called unaccompanied foreign children, or UACs, as well as other illegal immigrants.

This decision is the latest burning rebuke of Mr. Biden’s immigration policy, and the courts have found the president’s actions full of controversy.

In the case of UACs, judge Pitman stated that the government recognized that they could spread the virus and did not offer any real medical justification as to why they should be treated differently than other illegal immigrants returned to the border under a Trump-era emergency order known as Title 42 .

“And instead of trying to prevent the UAC from spreading the viruses they potentially transmit within the United States, the government decided to send the UAC away from institutions where the government could monitor them and their health,” the judge said. Pitman ruled.

Under Chapter 42, a decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the government must return illegal immigrants to prevent them from bringing new cases of coronavirus into the United States.

The Trump administration launched power in 2020, and the Biden administration kept it in place, although it initially singled out an exception for the UAC, saying the Trump team brutally expelled children who may have just made the long treacherous journey without parents.

The expulsion resulted in a record number of children rushing to the border, which prevented the government from dealing with them.

Biden officials said the release of UAC could help stop the virus from spreading from one child to another. But the judge Pitman said he did not answer any of the other questions about whether children would then spread the virus to others in the United States

“Of course, the evidence may show that, with the exception of UAC, COVID-19 is not spreading – and the risk of spreading – in the interior of the United States. But the government could not show it, ” he wrote.

His The ruling was made hours after another decision by a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which also supported Section 42 – albeit with considerable skepticism and reservations.

In this case, the judges ruled that the administration was likely to use Section 42 on solid legal grounds to return illegal immigrants.

But the board also ruled that they should probably not be sent back to countries where they face the risk of persecution or torture.

Immigrant rights activists argue that Section 42 violates the government’s obligation to allow illegal immigrants to claim asylum.

Judges said this was not the case, although they blamed the administration for pursuing a two-year-old policy.

“The CDC’s order in some ways looks like a relic of an era without vaccines, little testing, little therapy and little confidence,” Judge Justin R. Walker wrote for the unanimous commission.

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