The Kennedy Center presents performances for families and young audiences

Are you a parent or teacher looking for classes with your children or students? Kennedy Center…

Are you a parent or teacher looking for classes with your children or students?

The Kennedy Center presents a series Performances for family and young audience.

“They deserve it,” music education director Jennifer Bowman told WTOP. “We want to make sure there are stories they can relate to. … That’s why there’s such a diverse group of artists. … Whether they come with a school, teachers, parents or family members, we want these students to know that the Kennedy Center is a place for them. ”

The series begins with “I Dream of the Moon” and “New Friends of Xavier” on March 5-6.

“NSO drummer Scott Christian [presents] it’s a great show, ”Bowman said. “It’s a percussion concert with music by Keegan Fountain and Peter Gilbert. There will be projections and beautiful illustrations, so this is a gentle and wonderful work for people to bring their families to, and will feature musicians from the University of Maryland. ”

On March 11-12, families can also enjoy Gray Mitchell-Agurs ’“ Sweet ”concert.

“Sweet Cherie is one of the founding members of Be’la Dona,” Bowman said. “We thought it was very important to bring DC’s indigenous music to our stage and family audience so that it would bring a little bit to the family theater.”

After that Pierce Freelon gives a couple of educational concerts on March 18-20.

“He released an album last year with his mum, who is a big jazz fan and a favorite of the Kennedy Center, vocalist Nanna Freelon, entitled” Black to the Future, “which mixes afrofuturism, family stories, hip-hop and jazz music.” said Brown. . “Then he brings a second play based on the PBS series called ‘The Story of White People in America.'”

After that, the NSO presents a special family concert “Because” on March 20.

“It’s one of Moe Williams’ books, ”Bowman said. “The story of a little girl who because One day she went to a concert … and all these adults composed this symphony for her, she was inspired to become an independent musician and conductor. This is a story of inspiration. Mo worked with the great composer Jesse Montgomery to create this work.

As the calendar approaches April, the world premiere of “Beasts” will take place on April 7-22.

“It will be in Studio K in REACH,” Bowman said. “It’s based on the book by Elizabeth Acevedo. This is a beautiful story about sisters who are introduced to world cultures. This is a story that will span from the Dominican Republic to New York, so it will be a beautiful story about myths, blessings and birthright. I am very glad that people see it. “

Next, the NSO presents the world premiere of “Super Cello!” April 9-10.

“Imagine that a cellist is a superhero; that’s what this show is about, “Bowman said. “It’s a collaboration between Scotty Rowell, who works with Teller Productions, a production company in Atlanta, and then our NSO cellist David Thea. … It’s a day in a cellist’s life, and there will be dolls, props and lots of music about how music can save the day ”.

You also don’t want to miss “The Other Side” on April 21-30.

“Jacqueline Woodson is our new residency artist by education,” Bowman said. “This is the story of two girls who start a friendship through the fence that separates their segregated city. It will come alive with Hope Boykin Dance. Nadezhda Boykin is our artistic advisor on dance education … so we are very happy to unite these two great artists ”.

Performances are mainly held at the Family Theater for 300 seats near the Opera House.

“The Kennedy Center is a place for them where they can find what they like,” Bowman said. “Hopefully this will inspire them in the future to pursue art.”

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