The King’s County Health Council is getting rid of the bike helmet law

Credit: JaySi, Shutterstock

Seattle, Washington – The King’s County Health Council repealed its mandatory bicycle helmet law Thursday, citing racist and discriminatory laws.

The 29-year-old rule targeted four times more black cyclists than white cyclists, and the news agency Across found that nearly half of the Seattle helmet tickets went homeless.

Since then, the county has wanted to repeal the law September 2021, many board members have strong feelings against it. They say the focus should be on educational helmet safety campaigns, not law enforcement.

While helmets are important for protecting cyclists, those who do not have them on hand are often fined. Some vendors offer cheaper bicycle helmets to the public, but rarely does anyone use them.

There are many cycling organizations and clubs that are concerned about the cancellation. They say that bicycle helmets prevent brain injuries, and the termination of the law neglects the basic safety of cyclists.

Spokane also has a bicycle helmet law, but it only applies to children between the ages of one and 16.

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