The late TD Kuppa raises Rams over Bengals with a score of 23-20 in the Super Cup

Inglewood, CA – At the venue built for the champions, the Los Angeles Rams took out the crown jewel: the Super Cup trophy.

It took an accurate 79-yard drive, limited by Cooper Cooper’s 1 yard reception, and it was 1:25 before Sunday’s 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals to give the Rams their first NFL title since the 1999 season – and their first performance in Los Angeles since 1951.

“These guys just worked great,” coach Sean McVeigh said. “They captured this game.”

They did so at their home, at SoFi Stadium for $ 5 billion, making Reims the second host in a row to win the championship after Tampa Bay became the first one a year ago.

“As for the construction of this stadium,” said Rams owner Stan Kroenke, the man who moved them from St. Louis in 2016, “I think it went well.”

The winning streak, during which Muppe Mup’s 4-yard touchdown reception was annulled by penalty compensation, soon ended with the NFL’s best offensive player of the year easily beating Eli Apple in the right corner of the final zone and winning.

Kupp had four receptions for 39 yards and a run for 7 yards in the fourth and 1 from Rams 30 in the championship.

“I don’t think I deserve it,” Kupp said. “The guys who were standing here challenged me, they pushed me. I’m just grateful. “

Even with this brilliant, determined march to the Lombardi Trophy, it was the “terrible five” of Los Angeles that made the difference. Led by Aaron Donald and von Miller, they fired Joe Barrow with a Super Cup record seven times, stopping the attack in Cincinnati after a 22-second jerk early in the second half brought the Bengals ahead.

Accordingly, Barrow was under pressure on fourth and 1st and threw an incomplete, which caused a football fiesta that the city has not seen since the LA Raiders won the championship in 1983.

Posters Donald said after the crowning achievement of his career in the Hall of Fame: “I so wanted it. I dreamed of it. “

McVay, the youngest head coach to win the Super Cup, at 36, added: “It’s poetic, dude, to commit a crime, to find a way, and then Aaron was able to finish it.”

10 quick points early in the third quarter brought Cincinnati ahead for the first time. Lee Higgins’ score of 75 yards was 17-13, followed by Chidobo Auzi’s selection. Evan McPherson equaled Adam Vinatieri’s record in the post-season match by scoring the 14th goal of the game from 38 yards.

Higgins beat All-Pro corner-back Jalen Ramsey in the first half of the game – the receiver clearly tugged at Ramsey’s mask during the game. After Matthew Stafford was intercepted in the next game, the Bengals scored a goal from McPherson’s game.

Then they tried to hold back, as the entire southwest of Ohio held its breath.

But the relentless throw in Los Angeles led by the two biggest stars, Donald and Miller with two each, allowed nothing more.

Then came a march of 15 games in which Kupp also turned fourth down his run.

“We wanted to be in attack mode and put pressure on them as much as possible,” Bengals coach Zach Taylor said. “Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.”

Kupp even received the title of MVP, although he was often on two teams, after his colleague Odel Beckham Jr., who recorded a landing in Los Angeles on the second drive for the first score in the game, came out of knee injuries in the second period. Kupp finished with eight receptions for 92 yards.

One fear for Rams fans was Stafford’s ill-considered throws, and he had two. His deep pass, moving to the left, was selected in the final zone at the end of the first half by Jesse Bates III. In his second interception, rookie Ben Scowronek could only repel him – right on Avuzi.

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