The Laudan County Judge ruled that students could attend school without masks

Public school students in Laudan County, Virginia, can attend school without face masks, a judge ruled Wednesday.

The decision was made after the county announced that face masks would become optional from Feb. 22, but according to local reports, the judge’s move allows students to do without face masks immediately.

Three parents have challenged the school’s mask policy, saying it harms their children and that the school board has no right to issue such a mandate.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin also signed on Wednesday a law banning school districts across the state from making mandatory masks from March 1.

The governor said it was “a great day for Virginia’s parents and children.”

“We have not only passed a bipartisan bill giving parents the right to waive the demands of school masks, but the Lauduna District Court has reaffirmed parents’ right to express their views on their child’s health, education, care and well-being. We are glad that Laudan made such a decision. It is important that the court ruled that any disciplinary action against students who were punished for their parents’ decision to remove their masks would be removed from their records, ”Mr. Yangkin said.

Masks are still required in school buses, according to WJLA, which notes that the directive falls under the federal mask mandate.

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