The monster’s challenges will break your heart and collect it

In a new commercial appearing in front of movies in AMC theaters, Nicole Kidman panting tells theatergoers about the magic of watching a movie in a movie theater, not in the comfort of your own home. The one-minute “Prayer Before the Movie” was ridiculed and turned into a meme, both because it seems to preach a chorus of those who have already decided to return to the cinema, and because it is filled with overcooked melodramatic lines like “Something Heartbreak Feels Like” good in such a place. “

But the fact is that Kidman is right: “Breaking the Heart” can be a difficult realization for today’s audience, but it can also be a beautiful and cathartic part of the theatrical experience. The monster is calling, Currently playing at the Kennedy Center through London’s Old Vic, is a great example of how a play can break your heart and gently put the pieces together to the last curtain.

While there are some dark themes in the game, Monster it is, in general, a touching experience with a lot of soul. The titular monster (Keith Gilmar, but played Paul Socket in the evening of the press) harassing a 13-year-old Conar (Anthony Auger) every night at 12:07, although the imminent threat did not strike him. Connor is more focused on the stress of school bullies, the absent father and mother, who is getting sicker and sicker every day. The monster is also not a traditional monstrous beast with red teeth and claws, but is a manifestation of the ancient yew in the courtyard of Conor. It comes to life on stage through winding hanging ropes that serve as the main props of the show, which, when joined together and puppet-led by Socket, serve as a compelling proposition about the high and ancient spirit of the tree.

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