The new app aims to combine private chefs with gourmets of the inner Northwest

Photo by Caroline Atwood on Unsplash

SPOKAN, WASHINGTON – Private canteens are about to change in the inner northwest.

The new app, which will be launched later this month, aims to bring together chefs and people who would like to get a one-of-a-kind home experience.

Bookoo Chef, a team of service industry and marketing professionals from Spokane, is creating an app to revolutionize the way consumers eat at home in the post-COVID-19 period.

“Gulina has changed so quickly over the last few years,” said Matt Goodwin, owner of the Goodwin Group, “from the transition to lunch at home during the initial closure to the resignation of the Great Retirement, the dining landscape has changed forever. But people still want to enjoy gourmet food, and Bookoo Chef offers a really exciting and amazing alternative. ”

The group behind the app hopes it will provide a special experience not only for food lovers but also for chefs.

“No matter how much you love your craft, working in the kitchen is hard. This means you are away from your family five or more nights a week. With Bookoo, chefs can set their own availability by working only one night a month if they want, ”said Justin O’Neill, a private chef and corporate account at Spiceology.

Bookoo Chef will launch the app and full website on March 15th. Additional information can be found here.

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