The new Warriors home is proving to be a difficult place for visitors

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – From the unforgettable playoff match “We Believe” in 2007 to the first days of this current …

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – From the memorable We Believe playoff match in 2007 to the early days of this current Golden State dynasty, the stunning atmosphere at the old Oracle Arena has been a major boost for the Warriors.

While new bizarre excavations across San Francisco Bay may not match the noise level at the Auckland arena nicknamed “Roaracle,” Chase Center is really starting to feel at home for the Warriors in its third season.

“Every night I get chills when I walk into the arena,” said Warriors owner Joe Lackab. “I literally have chills. I love it. I love basketball. I’ve loved it my whole life. I have been going to games for over 50 years. I’ve been to every arena in the world. For me, there is no better arena in the world than this Chase Center. Just need experience like this to give it the story that Oracle had. … We love this building, our players love this building, our partners love this building. And it looks pretty, pretty good. ”

The Warriors have won all nine games this postseason at Chase Center, including wins in each round over Denver, Memphis and Dallas. This is their second longest winning streak at home in one postseason, after their 10-0 mark in 2017, and only the fifth time in NBA history when the team reached the final with a score of 9-0 or better.

Golden State beat the opposition by 14.6 points per game at home, which is the best in the league this post-season, as the loud audience and comfortable atmosphere proved useful.

“The opportunity to start at home is huge, especially in the playoffs, even in the final,” said guard Jordan Poole. “We have a home audience, our home routine, the same thing we do wisely. Just keep trying to take care of things at home, because we have passed all the playoffs. “

It took time for the Chase Center to take hold after the Warriors moved there after the 2018-19 season. Due to the fact that some of the old fans from Auckland were valued with a more expensive new arena instead of new fans without the same lifelong commitment to the franchise, the environment struggled to match the old across the bay.

Other circumstances did not help the case. That first season, Golden State had the worst record in the NBA, as stars such as Clay Thompson and Stephen Curry missed most of it.

Last season, the team performed better, but for the most part played in an empty arena due to the COVID-19 pandemic before a small crowd appeared before the end of the season.

But this season the arena has been filled and now it is hosting its first really significant games this postseason. Earlier in the playoff series, Curry said the Warriors were still “trying to find a person (Chase Center).”

“After two years of no fans (always), you can really tell when you have a full crowd and it’s going crazy,” great man Kevon Looney said. “I’m glad the Chase Center is rocking so much, and the fans have really given us that extra boost.”

The away game is far from a difficult task for the Celtics, who won the 7th game in the final of the Eastern Conference in Miami after preventing relegation in the second round by winning the 6th game in Milwaukee.

This is the fourth team to win seven games before the final in the opponent’s arena, joining the Cavaliers in 2017, who lost to the Warriors in the final that season, as well as the Rockets in 1981 and 1995.

Only Houston in 1995 won all these previous teams, winning the first two games in Orlando on the way to the cleanup.


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