The Newport community is raising $ 3,000 to get new lights for its “miserable city Christmas tree”.

Credit: Fitz Turner

NEWPORT, WASHINGTON. Newport’s Pity City Christmas Tree will get new lights this year.

The money raised from GoFundMe, founded by Fritz Turner, was donated to the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce. Turner said he even invested some of his own money to cut the check by $ 3,000.

A GoFundMe entitled “Help Fix Newport’s Poor Christmas Tree” was launched in December to raise money for new decorations when people in the city started complaining about its lights.

Jason Totland, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said the money would go to buy new wood lanterns.

“Cable lanterns were not popular,” Totland said.

This year the Christmas tree will not only be decorated a little, but the tradition of lighting will be preserved. Totland said the same group that met in 2021 to plan the event will do so again this year. There will be carolers, hot chocolate, pictures with Santa Claus.

Until 2021, Totland said the tree-burning ceremony had not been held for at least ten years.

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