The Olympic skier from Winthrop follows in his mother’s footsteps

SPOKANE, Wash. – When you were a child, someone probably asked you who you want to be when you grow up. A girl from Winthrop has decided who she wants to be at a young age: a skier.

The new McCabe grew up around skiing. It was natural for her.

“I think I’ve always dreamed of making a career out of it,” Novi said.

The new one was skiing with friends in a close-knit community. She has also been involved with someone quite good at sports.

“I remember hearing stories about her Olympic experience when she was young and trying on her clothes and stuff,” Novi said.

Her mother, Laura McCabe, went to the 1994 and 1998 Olympics for cross-country skiing. She says Novi knew at a young age that she wanted to do the same.

In third grade, Novi wrote a letter to her future high school. She said: “I love skiing and hope to be at the Olympics.”

“In 7th grade, I just remember that day. She seems to be fine, let’s stop these baby things. Let’s get down to the workout plan, Mom, ”Laura said.

“The Olympics have always been like, even if I didn’t really know what it meant or entailed, I thought, ‘Oh, the Olympics.’ Like, I want to do it, ”Novie said.

She started racing at 14 years old. She has traveled the world, battling some of the best in the sport. The Olympics have always been in her head.

Six years later, a 20-year-old girl from Winthrop competes in the 2022 Olympics in Beijing after her mother throws and slips.

“It was kind of stressful, it was exciting and I was happy to go,” Novi explained. “She [mom] was an important part of the whole trip, so it was really cool. ”

Novi and Laura tried to talk as often as possible with the time difference of 14 hours. Laura gave her some maternal advice.

“Just be confident and know that it’s a gift to be here, it’s a gift to be here, and you’ll get that day,” Laura said.

The new one debuted last weekend, competing in the 10km classic.

“My goal was to be in the top 25. I crossed the finish line and thought so – I did not succeed, “she said.

To her surprise, she finished 24th. Another surprise – two days later in the women’s relay chose Novi, although she was a little afraid.

“I think when it comes to the American girls’ relay, there are high expectations just because they’ve performed so well in the past. They always ski so well, ”she explained.

They did well. The team finished sixth out of 18 teams. It is a race and an experience from which Novie is happy to be separate.

“I’m also very proud to be here, it was good,” she said.

Now Novi spends his time relaxing and reflecting on his time at the Olympics. In the third grade she achieved what she hoped for.

“She wants this path, and so for her it’s the beginning of a higher level of this path,” Laura said.

In the coming days, a 20-year-old boy may not have much time to rest. She recently learned she could compete in the 30,000 run this weekend. After the Olympics, Novi says he is returning to the United States for another race.

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