The organization, led by Colin Copernicus, is launching a new Autopsy Initiative


Colin Copernicus arrived for training for football scouts and NFL media in Riverdale, Georgia, in November 2019. On February 23, Copernicus announced that his organization Know Your Rights Camp would soon offer a second autopsy of people killed during or after the clashes. with the police.


Former NFL defender Colin Copernicus has announced plans for his nonprofit to offer free secondary autopsies to family members of people whose deaths were “police-related.”

A statement from Know Your Rights Camp talks about the services offered through it Initiative to expose the corpse will include “completion of the second autopsy, disclosure of preliminary findings and issuance of a final autopsy report”.

Police-related deaths occur as a result of the deaths of victims of police officers, the organization said. These may include deaths that occurred during police detention, or deaths that occurred during “arrest, persecution, booking, transportation, or imprisonment,” the statement said.

“The initiative recognizes that the loss of a family member due to police-related death is a tragic and heartwarming experience,” the organization said in a statement on its website. “The initiative aims to be a resource for the families of the victims, providing confidence in forensic procedures and the consolation that pathologists will neutrally conduct autopsies.”

The program, Copernicus told The Associated Press, is designed to address concerns about whether the first autopsy on a person is reliable or evidence possibly manipulated during the investigation of their deaths. The second disclosure is also intended to reduce the risk that the bias or bias of a forensic pathologist or forensic expert may affect how it is understood that a person has died.

“We know that the prison industrial complex, which includes the police and the police, seeks to protect and serve their interests at all costs,” Copernicus told The Associated Press. “The initiative to expose the corpses is one of the important steps towards ensuring that family members have access to accurate and forensic examination of information on the causes of death of a loved one in need.”

Copernicus, a former San Francisco 49ers player, caught the country’s attention for the first time got on his knees while teammates and fans stood under the national anthem during the pre-season game in 2016, according to McClatchy News. Although the 49ers parted ways with Copernicus in 2017, he continued to talk about racial injustice in subsequent years. He launched the “Know Your Rights” camp in 2016 “in response to killing black people at the hands of law enforcement agencies, ”the video says on the organization’s YouTube page.

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