The Panthers are using the big second half to advance, Pam Peck concludes the season – Washington Daily News

After a three-pointer by Tarbara put them ahead 10-7 early in the second quarter, Northside coach Michelle Lasers saw enough.

After the time-out whistle blew, Lasers strongly told his team that they needed to improve their game immediately.

Sophomore Maria Jones immediately went on leave, had a foul and executed a free throw.

Senior Hensley Jordan followed the theft and stop, and Jones committed another foul for the 6-0 series, which forever put the Panthers on the road to a 57-38 victory and advance to the third round of the state tournament 1A.

“I just told them to settle in and play our game,” Lasers said. “We got a few points from the turns, started to fight back and move the ball much better. They were interrogated and shot. “

The Panthers (17-2) have so far not lost to rival 1A, both will face the 2A East Carteret Conference enemy, and will host Clover Garden № 12 in Burlington in Saturday’s third round. The Grizzlies (25-5) knocked out a competitor in the Chatham Charter Conference, 53-47 on the road on Thursday to take the lead.

Northside led at the break with a score of 24-17 against 13th seeded Vikings, who finished with a score of 13-6.

Tarborough closed with an accuracy of four, but Jones, a player in the position of Shian Buck and playmaker Paige Sawyer took the lead, leading the Panthers 40-28 after three quarters.

“Paige sees the floor so well, and her passes match the money for easy lags,” Skulars said. “She is my coach on the floor and makes sure the ball goes where it needs to go. It was great for us all year, but it really got stronger in the second half. “

Jones led the way, scoring 14 of his game points – 23 points in the second half. Buck had nine of her 13 after the break and made nine rebounds, while Sawyer added 10 points and a few assists.

“We knew Tarbara would play tough with us because they were in our conference until this year,” Leather said. “They made us earn it and we’ll be ready to go on Saturday.”

Meanwhile, the Washington High School boys ’season ended after Pam Pak № 15 lost to Kinston № 2 69-56 on Thursday night. Washington finished the season 15-9, and most of the starting lineup returned the following season.

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