The problem reported before the fatal crash of a police helicopter: officials


A police helicopter crashed near Newport Beach in California on February 19, 2022, police said. One officer died and another was discharged from the hospital in critical condition.

Fragment of the screen with KABC-TV

Shortly before the helicopter, police reported mechanical problems plunged into the ocean Along the California coastline, officials said.

One Huntington Beach police officer was killed in the crash and another was sent to hospital in critical condition, Police Chief Eric Parr said at a briefing.

The helicopter crashed near Newport Beach while answering a call at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 19th.

The pilot reported mechanical difficulties before making another call to say the helicopter will crash, KABC-TV reports to the National Transportation Safety Board.

“Right now, it seems, ah descent to the nose into the water, ”NTSB spokesman Elliott Simpson said, according to The Los Angeles Times.

It may take more than a year to determine the causes of the disaster, the news agency reports. NTSB and The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crash.

A 44-year-old officer, Nicholas Vela, a 14-year veteran of the police, died in the crash, Huntington Beach Police wrote on Facebook. He leaves his wife and daughter.

Officer Nicholas Vela Huntington Beach Police Department

There was a second officer, whose name has not yet been named released from hospital On February 20, police said the day after the crash. He is a 16-year veteran of the department.

“This is a difficult night for all of us, and I ask for your prayer and your support as we support our officer’s family and continue to grieve over it,” Parra told a news conference.

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