The return of “Stranger Things” encourages weekend play

NEW YORK (AP) – For millions of fans of the science fiction drama Netflix “Amazing Things” remains a little mystery in how they spent the weekend on Remembrance Day.

Netflix has released seven new episodes of the show’s long-awaited fourth season and reported that a record 286 million hours were listened to over the weekend. This is the biggest premiere of the English-language show on the service, which exceeded 193 hours for the second season of “Bridgeton” earlier this year.

This is a good dose of good news for Netflix, whose financial problems have taken over business reporters this year.

The fourth season of “Amazing Things” comes out in two parts, two more episodes are expected in July before the show ends with the fifth season.

With long, richly crafted episodes, the new season was like a return to Netflix’s glory days – and it’s not necessarily good, wrote for Variety critic Daniel D’Adario.

“The show has high ambitions and meets them, but in doing so, it sacrifices charm and humanity to the altar to look and feel dear,” he wrote.

Others found the new episodes exciting. The fourth of the seven episodes just offered was “one of the best hours and seventeen minutes of television I’ve seen in a long time,” cultural expert Eric Kane wrote for Forbes.

“Stranger Things” and strong weekend performance of new episodes of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” at Disney + show that two great streamers are effective in creating franchises that appeal to avid fans but also attract new users, said Vice President Cole Strain. president of measuring products research firm Samba TV.

Unlike broadcasting and cable television, streamers do not estimate how many people actually watch the show.

Meanwhile, during a broadcast last week, NBC reached nearly 6.4 million viewers for the finale of the series “It’s Us”, and the number is expected to grow due to delayed viewing.

CBS led the week in prime time, gaining an average of 3.9 million viewers last week. ABC had 2.9 million, NBC 2.86 million, Fox 2.3 million, Univision 1.3 million, Ion Television 890,000 and Telemundo 810,000.

ESPN topped cable networks, gaining an average of 3.4 million viewers last week. The Fox News Channel had 2.17 million, TNT 2.14 million, MSNBC 992,000 and HGTV 911,000.

ABC “World News Tonight” won the race on the ratings of evening news, gaining an average of 7.4 million viewers. There were 6.3 million in NBC’s Night News and 4.6 million in CBS’s Evening News.

For the week from 23 to 29 May, the 20 most popular shows, their networks and viewers:

1. NBA Playoffs: Boston in Miami (Sunday), ESPN, 9.88 million.

2. NCIS, CBS, 7.47 million.

3. NBA Playoffs: Miami in Boston (Friday), ESPN, 7.19 million.

4. Chicago Fire, NBC, 7.03 million.

5. NBA Playoffs: Dallas at Golden State (Thursday), Turner, 6.79 million.

6. Chicago Med, NBC, 6.43 million.

7. NBA Playoffs: Boston in Miami (Wednesday), ESPN, 6.42 million.

8. NBA Playoffs: Miami in Boston (Monday), ABC, 6.41 million.

9. “It’s Us,” NBC, 6.38 million.

10. NBA Playoffs: Golden State in Dallas (Tuesday), Turner, 6.194 million.

11. FBI, CBS, 6.191 million.

12. “Province of Chicago,” NBC, 5.98 million.

13. Neighborhood, CBS, 5.91 million.

14. Bob Hearts Abisola, CBS, 5.7 million.

15. NCIS: Hawaii, CBS, 5.47 million.

16. FBI: International, CBS, 5.32 million.

17. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 5.31 million.

18. Special Report: Biden in Texas, CBS, 5.26 million.

19. “Survived,” CBS, 5.11 million.

20. FBI: The Most Wanted, CBS, 4.77 million.

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