The Richland driver received a trial date for the fatal accident


Jennifer Ana Duong, a 19-year-old driver accused of killing three of her passengers early Sunday in a speeding accident in Richland, is leaving the Benton County Courthouse with her attorney Shelley Ajax after her hearing on Thursday.

The 19-year-old driver, who died last weekend, is due to stand trial on May 23.

Jennifer Ana Duong appeared in court on Thursday for the second time after a speedy clash in Richland that killed three of her friends.

Duong pleaded not guilty three charges of murdering a carwhich include allegations that she was intoxicated or drove a car in a careless manner.

While the court has scheduled her hearing in two months, it will be postponed due to the seriousness of the case and the time when the defense must complete its investigation.

Duong is out of custody after a $ 250,000 bond was placed earlier this week.

During a hearing in the Benton County Supreme Court, she wore a bracelet to control alcohol.

Her lawyer Shelley Ajax also told the court that her client would not be behind the wheel while the case is pending.

Liana Victoria Salazar and Daniel Antonio Trejo, both, 19, and Andres Esteban Morphin, 20, were died in a morning crash February 27.

Salazar, nicknamed Pinky, and Morphine, also known as Andrew, were cousins, and Treha and Morphine were best friends.

The group celebrated Morphine’s birthday and left a party in Easter to eat at Danny’s in Richland. They were returning to Easter when Duong started racing in another sedan on the way to George Washington, court documents said.

Her Acura TL failed to drive on the road on Jadwin Avenue and crashed into a metal pole that cut the car in half.

Duong was the only survivor.

She admitted that she drank a glass of vodka and a half beer earlier in the evening, and told police that her speed was about “50, maybe more”, – said in the documents.

This story was originally published March 3, 2022 4:54 p.m.

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