The Ridgefield criminal was sentenced to 16.5 years

A man from Ridgefield, previously convicted of raping a young girl, was sentenced Friday to 16 and a half years in prison for harassing another girl.

In early January, jurors of the Clark County Supreme Court found 48-year-old Juan Gabriel Fregas Uribe guilty of indecent freedoms with coercive coercion and harassment of first-degree children.

The sentence will take place simultaneously with the 26 and a half years of imprisonment he has already served in the previous case, according to court documents.

The victim in this case was questioned in January 2019 after her mother reported the crimes. The 11-year-old girl said Fregas Uribe repeatedly forced her to inadequately touch him in 2016 while they were at his home, according to an affidavit with probable cause.

“He told me, ‘Don’t tell anyone, or I’ll go to jail,'” she told investigators.

In May 2018, Fregaso Uribe was convicted by a jury of the Clark County Supreme Court for raping a first-degree child, three counts of harassment of first-degree children and indecent freedoms with coercion in a 2017 case involving an 8-year-old girl. .

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