The school asked the children to draw a black man picking cotton: the parents


Cindy and Raymond Clark said their daughter was concerned about a recent assignment in which students were asked to draw a black man picking cotton.

Screengraphy from WTHR

Indianapolis High School provoked anger for an assignment given to students during Black History Month, local media reported.

Fall Creek Valley High School students were asked to draw a picture showing what life was like in the northern and southern states in the 1800s, the school district said in a statement.

But Cindy and Raymond Clark, a black couple and parents of a school student in Lawrence Township, told WTHR that their daughter’s teacher asked students to draw a black man who collects cotton and a white man who uses machines.

Clark’s daughter told her parents that she and several other students refused to complete the project, and that the assignment “caused tears in another student,” according to WTHR.

The Lawrence Metropolitan School District addressed the issue in a statement stating that its schools “are committed to providing high-quality education to all students” and that the assignment in question did not meet these standards and demonstrated “bad judgment”.

The county said the assignment was not intended for Black History Month, and that the inclusion of the hint, “to draw economic life in the south compared to economic life in the north at this time,” is in line with school content standards.

“This addition took place in one class of social studies and was not included in the curriculum,” the district said.

Township Lawrence is located approximately 16 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

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