The Seahawks promote Clint Hurt, add Sean Desai, Carl Scott


The Seahawks have officially announced Clint Hurt, who performed here last June as a previous defense coach, as Seattle’s new defense coordinator.

Pete Carroll has officially continued his ways of finding Seahawks defense coordinators.

The 70-year-old Seattle boss brought in another young coordinator also from Chicago as part of a youth turn of his defense staff.

The Seahawks on Tuesday announced what a league This was reported by a source in The News Tribune two weeks earlier: the team promoted defense coach Clint Hurt as the new defense coordinator.

Hert, 43, has replaced Ken Norton Jr., whom Carol fired last month after four seasons.

The Seahawks also announced Tuesday that they have hired 38-year-old Sean Desai as an assistant head coach for defense. Desai spent last season as the Chicago Bears defense coordinator. From 2013-20, Desai worked with the Chicago Defenders.

That’s what Carl Scott will now coach in Seattle. The team named the 36-year-old Scott, the pass coordinator in defense and the secondary coach. Last season, Scott was the coach of the Minnesota Vikings defenders.

Carol changed the leadership of the NFL defense, which ranked 31st in the rankings in 2021. He re-hired one of his former defense coaches to become the new coordinator. That’s what he did with Dan Quinn before Quinn coordinated Carol’s defense in a row of Seahawk Super Cups in the 2013 and 14 seasons.

Hurt and Desai were at the same Bears defensive headquarters from 2014 to 2016. Hurt was the assistant coach of the Chicago Defensive Line and then for those two seasons the coach of the Line Defenders.

Carol mentioned Hert and Desai’s relationship, announcing their hiring. It looks like Hurt will retain his experience with the defensive seven, while Desai and Scott are developing most of the Seahawks ’ways in lighting the pass with defensive rears.

Carol also mentioned starting anew. He wants a more aggressive approach to defense, which has failed to keep up the pressure on defenders and has given record lows in the franchise – 18 bags in 17 games last season.

“A fresh start seems exciting.” Carol said in a statement released by the team, “and we’re looking forward to the guys taking on their roles.

“The novelty is that Clint is taking on the defense and working with his old friend in Sean Desai, giving us a really exciting look into the future. We are very lucky that we were able to attract a guy of Carl Scott’s caliber as the coordinator of the pass game. “

Too bad that it became known on Friday became official on Tuesday: 2021 game coordinator Andy Dickerson replaced Mike Salari as Seattle’s offensive line coach. Dickerson joined the Seahawks before last season, arriving with new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron of the Los Angeles Rams.

Running coach Chad Morton will receive the additional title and role of coordinator of the running game at the offensive headquarters in 2022.

The Seahawks also returned an aide to their offensive headquarters. They re-hired Sanjay Lala as the host coach and coordinator of the offensive game. In 2020, Lal was Carroll’s senior assistant in the Seattle attack. Lal spent last season coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars receivers. It used to be that of the Raiders, Jets, Bills, Colts and Cowboys.

Nate Carroll, the son of a coach who used to be a coach of receivers, is now a senior assistant for attacks.

The task of Hertha, Desai and Scott to lead the defense of the Seahawks in 2022 – to make them more diverse, more aggressive and just a better start to the season. Seattle has been one step closer to securing the most yards and points in NFL history in the first months of the last two seasons.

Hurt is the most senior member of the Seahawks’ defensive staff. Carol gave Hurt the extra title of assistant head coach so he could get to Seattle in 2017.

Hurt is in the form of Quinn: a junior D-line coach with the charisma and enthusiasm that Seahawks players love. He personally communicates with his players on matters in football and beyond. He is often seen laughing with his liners, but also barking at them and bizarrely participating with them in exercises and games.

Greg Bell is a Seahawk and NFL writer for The News Tribune. In January 2019, the National Sports Media Association named him Washington State Sports Award of the Year. He began covering the NFL in 2002 when the Oakland Raiders defeated author The Sacramento Bee. The Ohio native began covering the Seahawks in their first season of the 2005 Super Cup. He previously graduated from West Point and served as a tactical intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, so he may ask you to leave and give him 10.

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