The Seattle Mariners disconnected from the Angels 4 times during the race


Adam Fraser of the Seattle Mariners reaches the final in a baseball game against the Los Angels Angels on Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo / John Froschauer)


This week, the Sailors will embark on a journey of six games in search of answers to resentment.

On Sunday afternoon at the crowded T-Mobile Park, a few hours after losing to the Angels guests in a doubleheader in nine halves, the Mariners stopped another contest.

“I think it’s best to say that when it’s raining, it’s pouring,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said after Sunday’s game. “Now we are in decline. We didn’t play good baseball. “

The Sailors (29-39) have now dropped to 10 games below 0.500, continuing to fall in the standings after entering the spring projected as a post-season contender.

They closed their second game in a row on Sunday, the fourth time in this disappointing 11-game at home, and the 10th time in 68 games so far this season.

They have not won a series in the last 21 innings played, completing the weekend four of five games against their American League West rivals.

“The inability to do anything offensive, again, remains our problem and our problem we have to solve,” Serve said. “We have a day off tomorrow. Hopefully this will clear your head a bit. We are on our way and we need to turn everything around. It’s the players in this club, the coaches, everyone involved, you have to work to get him back on track. “

The Sailors entered the weekend to regroup after defeating a pair of series against the Red Sox and Twins to open the home podium.

The five-game series against the Angels, who arrived at T-Mobile Park after losing 18 of the last 20, including surviving a long series of 14 losses in recent weeks, seemed like an opportunity to make money.

The weekend opened on a rather promising note when Seattle ended a two-game losing streak with their best offensive result of the month by beating the Angels 8-1 in the second game of the series on Friday.

Four sailors counted the games with multiple strokes, and the club escaped the championship, while Robbie Ray’s ace moved undefeated to seventh in his second straight quality match.

But, any impulse is created went out during Saturday’s disappointing doubleheader and Sunday’s finale.

For Seattle, a familiar antagonist was at the center of each of the four losses from the “Angels” at the end of this match, during which the “Sailors” finished with a score of 3-8.

Mike Trout became the third player to play five home runs against the club in a single series – joining the Boston history of Trevor (2022) and George Bell of Toronto (1987) – during the five-game.

Four of these home runs won the game.

The Sailors never rallied during the 4-1 defeat on Thursday after Trout defeated the decisive home run with two races in the third inning of the first series.

Trout re-launched the home run with two races in the first game on Saturday, breaking a draw in the 10th to bring the Angels 4-2, and again went into the third inning of the second game when Los Angeles summed up the first of the two exceptions with a 3-0 victory.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, he finished a zero draw in the fourth throw with another two flights, and the Sailors never recovered from a 4-0 defeat.

Trout now has 52 career home runs against sailors – including 33 in Seattle – and became the first player in baseball history to score four wins in the home run game in the series during a weekend trip.

But the troubles of the sailors in this match went further than the three-time MVP AL.

After regrouping from a sad May with four straight wins in a row, Seattle came out on this stretch at T-Mobile Park, approaching 0.500, but both the Red Sox and Twins played two games from three game sets against the Mariners, each closing the club out once.

The Angels then kept the club without points in each of the last two games at home and limited the Mariners to just two passes in the last three series.

“You have to make adjustments to this league,” Serve said after the defeat in Saturday’s match. “If we don’t, it will continue and it is unacceptable. We have a better team than this one. We really do.

“We had a bad day. We used to have bad days and you have to get back to normal, but we have to start making some adjustments. ”

After another loss on Sunday, the sailors will have to make the necessary adjustments on the road against a couple of opponents in the division.

Seattle enters the week as one of five teams in the majors an average of less than four runs per game from 3.9 per competition. A total of 264 clubs are playing in 68 games, finishing 25th in baseball.

Seattle Mariners pitcher Logan Gilbert runs against the Los Angeles Angels during the first inning of a baseball game on Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo / John Froschauer) John Froschauer AP


While Seattle’s attack is struggling, the club’s starting rotation continued to turn into quality away games last week.

Ray matched his performance of the season, making 10 strikeouts during Friday’s win, making his second quality start in a row, and throwing 17 consecutive zero innings in three outings before allowing one run in the eighth inning that evening.

In Sunday’s final, Logan Gilbert threw his seventh straight qualifying start in six innings against the Angels.

Mark Gonzalez added his seventh quality start of the season, allowing one run after 6 2/3 during Wednesday’s loss to the Twins, while rookie George Kirby added a fourth of the season during Thursday’s loss to the Angels, allowing two runs in his six innings .

“I think our starting serve here over the last couple of weeks has been amazing,” Serve said Friday after the game. “Really, very good. Consistent. Gives us a chance to win. But it will take more than just to put us in a good position. ”

220618 cg doubleheadermarinersvangels_017.JPG
Seattle Mariners central field defender Julio Rodriguez, 44, interacts with the crowd after he hits base during their second game against the LA Angels at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, on Saturday, June 18, 2022. The Moroccans lost both games to the Angels 4-2 and 3-0. Claire Grant


Seattle added four-time All-Star player Justin Upton to the roster on Friday, and the 34-year-old outfielder made his both season and sailor debut that night after signing with the club as a free agent on May 21 and playing 12 Triple-A games with the club. Tacoma.

Aptan came out of the game on Friday in the fifth half after being hit in the helmet, but he was allowed to return before Saturday’s doubleheader and played in the last three games of the series against the Angels.

He recorded his first shot in Seattle during Sunday’s final, sending twice on the left edge in the fifth against his former team.

Uptan has played in five seasons for the Angels from 2017 to 21, and previously played for Diamondbacks, Braves, Pedres and Tigers. During his career in the major leagues from 2006 to 2022, he played in 1,832 games.

Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez continues to lead the AL in stolen bases from 18 after adding another to his count on Saturday afternoon. He is tied in the major leagues with John Bertie of Miami.


The Sailors are scheduled to have a day off on Monday before starting a six-game trip to California on Tuesday. They play both A and Angels in three-game sets.

Lauren Smith covers the University of Washington Athletics for The News Tribune. She previously covered high school sports for TNT and The Olympian, starting in 2015, before moving into the Seattle Mariners fight before the 2019 season. She graduated from UW High School and Emerald Ridge.

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