The skier died in Grand Teton National Park, according to rangers


A 27-year-old skier died in Grand Titan National Park on Sunday, February 13, park rangers said.

Grand Teton National Park / NPS

A the skier perished in Grand Teton National Park, rangers said.

Radcliffe Spencer, a 27-year-old skier from Jackson, Wyoming, fell into Death Canyon on Sunday, Feb. 13, the National Park Service said.

A climber in the canyon said he saw Spencer fall The sidelines of the Apocalypse. Skiers and snowboarders describe the lobby as a “high-tech and dangerous” valley in the national park.

Park rangers and rescuers rushed to Spencer’s aid, but resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. He died of his injuries.

“The remains of the deceased were taken from the countryside and handed over to the Tetan County Coroner,” park rangers said in a press release. “The other four members of Spencer’s party were taken from the canyon by helicopter.”

Park officials told the Jackson Hole News and Guide that en the avalanche was probably not the cause about a ski accident. The avalanche danger February 13 was considered low near Grand Teton, according to the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center.

The Rangers did not say how Spencer fell.

In January, the snowboarder worked avalanche in Grand Teton According to the National Park Service, which demolished the skier into a steep valley. The skier injured his ankle and was rescued by a helicopter.

Can skiers, snowmobiles and tourists sent down an avalanche when a layer of snow falls off and begins to slide down the slope.

In the US, avalanches most often occur from December to April, but they can happen at any time under the right conditions, according to National Geographic.

At least nine people died in avalanches this season in the US as of Feb. 14, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

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