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The 94th Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday. The full list of nominations is an amazing mix of questionable elections that haunt a long list of claims.

Trying to celebrate the lethargic return to the cinema in 2021, Oscar voters decided to recognize the growing leadership of the film industry streaming services. Together, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV + received about 40 nominations – 27 went to Netflix alone.

As in any cycle of the Academy Award, this year’s nominations are definitely a lot of surprises. Some believe the academy is evolving into a more inclusive state. The four nominations, received by the three-hour masterpiece of Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi “Wadi my car”, mark an important step in the recognition of Hollywood’s international cinema.

But the nominations also have controversial choices and missed opportunities. While Hamaguchi’s four nominations are a huge step forward for international filmmakers, the academy has overlooked a number of outstanding non-American actors; first and foremost, Renate Reinswe, whose performance in The Worst Man in the World would unequivocally define the careers of most American actresses working today. Also worth noting are four Netflix nominations for “Don’t Look Up,” a climatic satire by Adam McKay, whose lack of nuance and inconsistent humor made it one of the most poorly reviewed films of the year.

Despite the marked lack of box office performers with low box office (see Best Picture), the academy is documented efforts to expand and diversify its composition it seems to be pushing for some changes in the voting process. But after 2021 there was a very vague Oscar rating, including for all the time a low number of spectators – even the democratization of the electorate may not be enough to stop its departure from cultural relevance.

This year’s show, which airs on March 27, is an important test of the organization’s resilience in the hearts of its disappearing audience.

“The Power of the Dog” Jane Campion is leading in this year’s nominations with 12 nominations. “The Power of the Dog” is the first Champion film in 13 years, and although she has continued to work in the television world, her latest film is a good reminder of her cinematic skills and fascinating ability to create clever, stunning critiques of masculinity. However, it remains a sad fact that Campion is the only woman nominated for best director this year.

A complete departure from Titan, which received the Palme d’Or, best reflects Oscar’s archaic feelings. The fact that Julia Ducourne did not receive a nomination for best director after making one of the craziest and most debated films of the year is absolutely confusing. The lack of a nomination in the “Best International Feature Film” category is even more conducive to this.

That said, 2022 proved to be a strong year for foreign films. Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s film “Drive My Car” received four nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Meanwhile, Jonas Pocher’s animated documentary Rasmussen’s “Escape” about a man who fled Afghanistan to Denmark received three nominations for Best Documentary, Animated and International Feature Film.

The rest of this year’s nominations showcase an amazing mix of films, including nostalgic works by aging white directors such as Belfast and West Side Story, critically acclaimed films such as “Don’t Look Up” and “Free Guy,” and your usual films. : Paul Thomas Anderson, Joel Cohen and Guillermo del Toro. At the Oscars, little has changed, as their nominations continue to highlight the prose works of male directors, avoiding new talent and increasing the seriousness of the gender representation of Hollywood.

The full list of nominations is available at Academy Award website.

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