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Four New York University students have been attacked in the past two weeks near Washington Square. The latest victim said Campus Safety initially downplayed his attack.

In three recent incidents, students walking on New York University’s Washington Square camp were beaten without warning by a passerby – in each case described as a man with a light complexion and blond hair – according to an email from the New York University campus security department Thursday. One of the victims, senior SPS AJ Sun, said the NYU initially did not take his report of the attack seriously.

A stranger hit San near the Stern School of Business on Tuesday, days after another student was killed on February 13 and two on February 7.

According to Sun, Campus Safety initially told him that the incident did not meet the requirements for a university-wide alert.

“Campus security spice simply recorded my incident and did not express any concern about me,” San wrote. “He didn’t even say ‘I’m sorry I happened to you,’ but he kept saying, ‘It’s happening all the time.’ As if I didn’t know that before. “

At around 4.30pm on Tuesday, February 15, San was suddenly punched in the left side of the head by a white man who then fled the scene. The next day he posted on social media calling on New York University to protect Asian students after its attack, which he said is a crime against Asian hatred. On Thursday afternoon, more than a week after the first incident and two days after the last incident, the university informed the student group about the attacks.

“They could have done it before, but they only did it now because everyone is upset,” Sun wrote to WSN after hearing about the letter Thursday night.

In an email on Feb. 17, campus security chief Fontan Walker said at least two of the four victims were Asians. Walker acknowledged concerns about anti-Asian hatred, but said Campus Safety is not sure if the incidents were related to the race of victims. Although the attacker was described the same in each case, Campus Safety also failed to determine if it was the same person.

«At the moment, we cannot say for sure whether these three incidents are related to the same attacker, ”Walker wrote in an email. “Under any circumstances, these attacks are alarming, and our concerns are exacerbated by the alarming possibility of anti-Asian bias, which has become an alarming phenomenon and plays a role.”

After the attack, Sun immediately contacted Campus Safety to send an officer to report the incident. When Sun asked if he should report to the police, he said the officer told him it was unlikely that the New York Police Department would take action because he had not received any serious injuries. In New York State, victims of crime have the right to report to the police regardless of their injuries.

San and one of the other victims plan to report their attacks to police. A NYU spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gabrielle Hawthorne and Christian Burt contributed to the report.

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