The suspect in the buffalo shooting is on trial on charges of terror and hatred

BUFFALA, NY (AP) – A white man accused of carrying out a racist attack that killed 10 people and wounded three in a Buffalo supermarket is scheduled to stand on Thursday on a 25-count indictment that includes state charges of murder and hatred. motivated domestic terrorism.

18-year-old Peyton Hendron is due to appear before Erie County Judge Susan Egan at a hearing this afternoon. He has been detained without bail since the AR-15 machine gun was allegedly used to attack buyers and employees of the Tops Friendly Market, which authorities said he chose because of its location in a predominantly black area.

All 10 people killed in the May 14 assault were black. They were 32 to 86 years old.

The Erie County Grand Jury on Wednesday charged Hendron with terrorism, which includes life imprisonment, as well as 10 first-degree murders, 10 second-degree murders as hate crimes, criminal possession of weapons and three counts. attempted murder as a hate crime.

The indictment is based on a preliminary charge of murder made shortly after his arrest immediately after the attack. Hendron pleaded not guilty.

The indictment for domestic terrorism – terrorist acts motivated by first-degree hatred – accuses Hendron of killing at least five people “because of the alleged race and / or skin color” of his victims.

Prosecutors said Hendron was driving to Buffalo for about three hours from his home in Canclin, New York, intending to kill as many black people as possible. Shortly before the opening of the fire, he published documents outlining his views on white supremacy and indicating that he had been planning an attack for several months.

The shooting, and 10 days later a mass shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uwald, Texas, has resumed a nationwide debate on gun control.

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