The teacher slaps a student from Indiana but receives an early retirement


A Jimtown High School teacher in Elkhart, Indiana, on a security video shows a slap to a student.

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The high school teacher shown in the video from the surveillance cameras who hit the student is not allowed to go to school in Indiana, but he will charge his pension in full after the council allowed him to retire early.

The incident happened on Friday, Feb. 25, at Jimtown High School in Elkhart, a city in northern Indiana about 110 miles east of Chicago. Mike Hosinski, a 40-year-old teacher, clashed with a student about their clothes, and their verbal exchange continued in the school hallway, according to Baugo Community Schools.

In the CCTV footage, Gasinski grabbed the student by the backpack and hit him in the face with his open hand. The teacher then grabs the student and tries to distract him before he falls to the ground.

“The slap led to the student’s head hitting the wall; the student received visible injuries, ”the school district said in a press release. “The medical staff immediately assisted the student.”

The Indiana Children’s Department and the Elkhart County Sheriff were called in to investigate the incident. Gasinski has no right to be on the school grounds, according to the investigation, the district reports.

“The safety of students attending Baugo community schools is our highest priority and our greatest responsibility,” the district said. “If anyone, including a teacher, undermines this priority and responsibility, prompt action should and will be taken to protect Jimtov’s students. Nothing less can be tolerated. “

A second statement from the school district said Hoskinski had already announced his retirement on June 30, which was approved by the school board on January 10. After the incident on Friday, he asked to start his retirement immediately.

At a school board meeting held Monday, Feb. 28, Gasinski received an early pension and will receive a full pension, according to the WSBT. The teacher’s request was unanimously approved.

Before the school board vote, students arranged a walk from the school to support Hosinski, according to the WSBT. A A petition was also created to save Gosinski’s postand more than 1,300 signatures were collected on it.

“Whether or not he did or did what he is accused of should not (cost him) his tenure and retirement because of one bad incident, especially after all he has invested in 40 years of teaching.” , – one of the parents stated in the petition.

In 2020, Khasinsky was named Teacher of the Year at Jimtown High School post from school on social media.

But not everyone was in favor of Gosinski retiring without consequences. A man who called himself the student’s father shouted swear words at administrators during Monday’s meeting, according to the South Bend Tribune, and had to be taken away.

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