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Broken and scratched my Cloud Cam is still running after five years. (Photo by GeekWire / Todd Bishop)

Honestly, it took me a while to find my old Amazon Cloud Cam at the bottom of the storage box today after learning that Amazon stops releasing the device.

Cloud Cam, launched in 2017 was useful in his day, but in our house it is largely obsolete due to lack of integration with the Amazon Ring system. We used it as an extra camera to monitor the door for the cat on vacation or to unobtrusively go to a meeting in the basement, but for the most part it is not turned off or used.

Amazon informed Cloud Cam customers of its impending death on May 27.

“As the number of Alexa smart home devices continues to grow, we are focusing on Ring, Blink and other technologies that make your home smarter and simplify your daily activities,” the email said. “So we decided not to continue supporting Amazon Cloud Cam and related applications.”

But Amazon isn’t just stopping support – it’s fixing these things.

“From December 2, 2022, you will no longer be able to use your Cloud Cam device or related programs,” the email added. “Until then, you will be able to download any videos, if any. The entire history of the video will be deleted on December 2, 2022. “

Amazon acquired by Blink a few months after the launch of Cloud Cam, and Call shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, without updates to the Cloud Cam product line, the inscription stood on the wall for a while.

With this bonus announcement is that Amazon is offering existing Cloud Cam owners a Blink Mini camera for free with a free annual Blink Subscription Plus plan.

The trouble is that the Blink and Ring platforms aren’t integrated, so the value to people (like me) who have invested in Ring devices is minimal – in other words, that’s exactly what I’ve been getting with my Cloud Cam at the moment, so, perhaps this is just right. I plan to take advantage of Amazon’s offer, why not.

At the same time, my Cloud Cam is connected and broadcasts videos to my phone, working fine, but not for long for this world in an era when five years is literally a lifetime.

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